Liz and Jesse



We are Liz and Jesse, and we’re so thankful you are taking a moment to read about us.

We were both born and raised in Boise, Idaho where most of our family still lives, but we met in Portland. We now live in our dream house in North Portland, and never plan on leaving. We have been together for 12 years, married for 7, and probably experiencing close calls and missed connections for about 20 years before that. We live with our little dog Rosie, and a rotating set of visitors from our massive family and friend circle.

Liz’s spirit animal is a coyote, which is known for its scrappiness, and finding comedy in constant upheaval. Jesse’s is an elephant, which is wise, big and steady. We love having a full house. We’re also fond of dinner parties, dance parties, traveling, hugging, and music. Jesse plays guitar in a band, and Liz loves to paint and read. We also have professional sides where Jesse works as a Software Development Manager, and Liz is the Director of Procurement at a software company and teaches negotiation for grad school.

Children were always part of our “plan”. When we first started dating, we would talk about how amazing it would be to be the oldest people still in love, holding hands, and be grandparents, watching our whole family and how it has grown. But we’ve had a few plot twists along the way. Despite many, many doctor’s appointments, wishing, manifesting, and even trying to line up with a celestial event, the old-fashioned methods (and even technologically advanced methods), showed us that we would never have biological children. Through all of that, our hope for posterity, a huge family and deep roots never changed.

When we began to explore other options besides carrying a child, none of them seemed right. We both came from huge, loud families that tell each other just about everything, so the feeling of a closed adoption felt like a secret we weren’t into. When we heard about open adoption, something just clicked. It was like, “oh, there’s an honest, bigger way to do this!” It didn’t feel like a transaction, and it just felt like adding more ingredients to the soup that we already had flavored with so many people we love – so many of them not related to us.

We think about you all the time and we have so many questions: where are you from, what do you think about the world, who do you love, would you think the disco ball hanging in our living room was a bonus? We’re sure you’ve got just as many questions about us, and we can’t wait to answer them.

One thing we really want you to know is – if you choose us to be the parents of your child, you wouldn’t just be getting the two of us, but rather our web of relationships and loved ones, a dynamic group of ever evolving characters. And we would love for you to be as much a part of our lives as you are comfortable with – our door is always open.

Liz & Jesse

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