Dear Expectant Parent(s),

My pursuit of motherhood through open adoption is grounded in my sincere belief in YOUR right to choose. It is ingrained in my entire being to pursue strength not through independence, but through supporting each other in our choices. It’s as simple (and complicated!) as that, and I am ready to grow with you throughout this process should you choose to pursue an open adoption for you and your child(ren).

I am so excited at the thought of being a mother. I adore my six (yes, SIX!) nieces and nephews and can’t get enough of my friends’ and neighbors’ kids. It brings me absolute joy to be sitting with my niece at the piano as she bangs away at the keys and jumps off the bench to dance and sing along. I adore my friends’ kids and treat them as my own – reading bedtime stories and quizzing them with math facts, answering unending questions with “why do YOU think so?” and sharing the splendors of nature as simple as wildflowers in a field. I am a high school science and math teacher, so teaching is a natural part of my interactions with children (and adults) of all ages.

My friends and family describe me as ambitious, adventurous, and kind. My life in mountainous Wyoming is an active one; I take every opportunity to get outside hiking, biking, camping, skiing, rock climbing, and exploring the abundant trails that surround my home with friends, family, and my dog, Arete. Community service is also a big part of my life and I donate my time to organizations that further a sustainable environment, literacy, diversity, and the arts in our community. I am excited to raise children in this amazing place where I can fuel their curiosity through the environment, music, culture, and more.

My sister’s family lives in Portland, Oregon, and I travel to the Pacific Northwest a few times each year during spring break, the holidays, or summer breaks. I love exploring what the Pacific Northwest has to offer and sharing new experiences with my nieces and nephew there, like taking them to the local climbing gym, teaching them to ski, and camping with them in the backyard. I look forward to spending time exploring this region with you and your family as well, learning about your sense of place and sharing your world with a child to further connection and enrich our lives.

If you should choose me to be a part of you and your child’s life, I will love him or her unconditionally and I will welcome you and your family into my life and vice versa with open arms. As I sit here writing, I am genuinely excited for this journey we might embark on together with a child in this world. I can say for certain that for me it will be a life of gratitude and LOVE, both for you and for your child.

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