Lisa and Dan



Thank you for getting to know us a bit. Our names are Lisa and Dan. Our three-year-old son, Kevan, was adopted at birth through Open Adoption & Family Services. We’ve always hoped to have more than one child, and we’d love for Kevan to have the opportunity to be a big brother. We recently purchased a home in a suburban neighborhood near Seattle, Washington. We’ve had fun exploring the parks, nearby trails, and community where our children will grow up.

Lisa and Dan met in high school in 1996, started dating in college, and married in 2005. Lisa grew up in Washington state. She initially lived with her immediate family, and later lived with her mom, sister, aunt, cousins, uncle, and stepdad; and she saw her dad and stepmom often. Dan grew up mostly in Washington with his mom, dad, and younger sister. Today, our families often get together for one big gathering on the weekends and holidays. We are lucky to spend so much time with our extended families! Lisa works two days a week as a speech therapist at the elementary school Kevan will attend. Having summers and school holidays off of work, in addition to being home with Kevan three days a week, has allowed Lisa to spend lots of quality time with Kevan. Dan is a partner in a small consulting firm, working as a financial analyst.

Spending time together as a family is important to us, whether playing on playgrounds, visiting the zoo, walking the trails around our house, or relaxing at home with our gentle black cat, Audrey. Many of our weekends are spent with family and friends enjoying the outdoors, attending special events, playing games, traveling around the Northwest, and hanging out at our family’s river cabin. As active and social as we can be, we both consider ourselves introverts, and at times homebodies. Lisa likes playing and reading with Kevan, talking to her sister, planning and organizing, running, and doing crossword puzzles. Dan likes taking Kevan outdoors for hikes and picnics, watching UW Huskies football, learning about wine and microbrews, and following the business world. Kevan’s favorite activities at the moment are playing basketball, building blanket forts, and creating marble runs.

As parents, we love seeing Kevan’s interests, language, and personality emerge as he explores the world around him. We’ve had fun creating our own holiday and seasonal traditions, such as pizza and ice cream on Valentine’s Day and picking berries in the summer. We very much look forward to sharing these experiences with a second child and watching Kevan interact with a brother or sister. As our children grow, we want to provide them with a wealth of experiences through participating in a variety of activities, traveling, and pursuing higher education.

Kevan’s open adoption has allowed us to keep a connection to his birth family. Openness is important to us because we want our children to know their full story and have a complete sense of self. All three of us have cousins who were adopted, so there is an adoption community within our family already. We are greatly supported by our immediate and extended families, and welcoming birth families feels like a natural extension.

Thank you for reading our letter. We wish you strength, support, and comfort on your journey.

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