Leslie and Matt



We are Leslie and Matt, and we met in 2013 when we were both living in Texas. We quickly realized that we’d gone to the same university at the same time, studying the same thing, but never crossed paths! After our first date it was clear that we are a great match, and we were so happy we finally met.

We have since moved across the country with our two cats, June & Gus, and made our home in Seattle. We picked Seattle because of its natural beauty and endless opportunities to explore. The nearby mountains are perfect for hiking and camping. We love it here!

Although we are both hard-working, we like to keep our home relaxed and fun-filled. We share the same thoughtful, logical approach to decision-making, but we also each bring our own strength to our relationship: Leslie is a great planner and organizer, and Matt’s adventurousness inspires both of us to explore more and make the most of our day. In our relationship, we value honesty, communication, and always being there to encourage and support each other.

Leslie works as a brand manager for a local company. She focuses on product innovation, and she loves her job because each day is different. Some days she digs deep into consumer research, and other days she gets to taste test new products. She likes to spend as much time as possible outdoors, whether walking around the neighborhood, working in her garden, or heading into the mountains, she feels her best when she’s outside.

Matt works as a project manager for a consulting firm. He appreciates that he gets to learn new things each time he starts a different project and that he gets to work with people from all around the globe. Outside of work, Matt often spends his time running, skiing, and doing any activity that gets him moving. He also looks forward to hosting friends and family at our house for board games and a delicious home-cooked meal.

While we enjoy spending weekends at home relaxing, doing puzzles, and watching movies with our cats, we also love traveling to visit family and friends, exploring national parks, and experiencing new places and cultures. Some of our favorite trips have been to Scotland, Thailand, Alaska, Colorado, and Yosemite.

We’ve always discussed adoption as a way to grow our family, and now that we are ready, open adoption is our first choice. We are coming to the adoption process with open hearts for the child and their birth family, and we welcome our child’s birth family as a valued addition to our own. We believe that the connection a child has to their birth family will help them know their personal story and heritage, and it will give them an even larger community to love and support them.

When we are parents, we hope to help our child discover the wonder of nature, the inherent value of other people and cultures, and their own worth as a member of our family and community. We are so excited to learn, explore, and grow together!

Warm regards, Leslie & Matt

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