Lauren and Mehul


Greetings! We’re Lauren and Mehul, two lifelong East Coasters who fell in love with Portland on our first visit a decade ago and eventually made our way back out here for good.

Our story began in 2011 in Rochester, New York, where Lauren grew up. Mehul had lived there for several years after moving from his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. We met for coffee one summer afternoon, a meeting arranged by Mehul’s friend – Lauren’s sister. We went on our first date soon after and spent the next three months getting to know each other. We then entered a long-distance relationship for the next 3 ½ years.

As you might expect, long-distance posed some unique challenges. While we mostly saw each other monthly, some visits lasted for weeks, others just a couple of days. We had to learn how to support each other from afar, and at times, the best thing we could do was just listen and be open. We quickly grew to trust each other, which allowed our core values to come to the forefront as we felt secure in each other’s love. Through travelling, experiencing live music, taking in new cuisines, and forming relationships with each other’s family and friends, we deepened our bond and found sources of happiness that endure to this day. We are so excited to share our favorite places and people with our little one.

In 2016, we loaded our lives into a truck, packed up our car, and made the 3,000-mile drive from Rochester to Portland. Four days later, we pulled into our first apartment – excited and nervous to be here, As we settled into our current jobs, we started to expand our friend circle and we can both now proudly say that Portland feels like home. In 2019, we moved into our beautiful home in the hills above Portland with our sweet and energetic pups, Diego and Clarence. We live on a quiet street with lots of young families, and we have a spacious backyard with plenty of room for exploration. We spend a lot of time with friends — many of whom are also beginning to grow their families — for meals, walks through different neighborhoods, movies, and trips to museums or the zoo.

We both work in health care – Lauren as a Cardiac Intensive Care nurse, Mehul as a functional neurologist. Lauren’s experience and kindness enables her to flourish at the bedside as well as a leader and advocate for her fellow nurses. She loves to cook, garden, read, and immerse herself in home renovation and beautification projects. Mehul’s patience and open-mindedness allows his patients to feel at ease as he rehabilitates complex brain injuries. He loves to read, work out, and dabble in writing and playing music. We are both a combination of introvert and extrovert– we like our alone time as a family to counter the stressful unpredictability of work, and we have found a balance that works for us.

Adoption, just like the Pacific Northwest, is one of the topics that we bonded over while dating. Mehul has nieces and nephews adopted from India, and we both have friends who have adopted siblings or have grown their family through adoption. We educated ourselves on the open adoption process and realized that its core tenets of openness, vulnerability, and community resonated with us greatly.

We want our child to feel secure in developing their own unique identity. The values that bonded the two of us together would be exactly what we want to provide for our child. We want to expose them to as much variety and diversity as possible, with the idea that they will find the things that speak to them. Our individual cultures are important to us, and we want our child to feel the presence of their culture and background as they grow. We appreciate you reading our story and wish you the best on your journey, wherever it leads.

-Lauren and Mehul