Kyle and Alicia


We are Kyle and Alicia. We share our home with our sweet pup, Tulip. We met in college and became fast friends. We were friends for four years before we started dating. We have been together since 2005, married for 13 years and are ready for the next stage of our relationship journey by becoming parents. Several years ago, we decided we wanted to grow our family and when pregnancy did not happen for us, we began to look into adoption. Open adoption fits our values because of our beliefs in open communication, honesty, and a child’s right to a full identity.

Alicia is an only child raised by her parents in Spokane, WA, who have recently moved to be close by in their retirement. She has always enjoyed working with children and knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age. Teaching third grade is a daily source of joy for Alicia. She spends her days making discoveries, exploring history, enjoying books and laughing with her students. Reading is a great source of enjoyment at both work and at home which Alicia hopes to share with our child. In the evenings, she works on becoming an expert baker. Her chocolate chip cookies have made Kyle a popular co-worker at the fire house! She also enjoys trail running, crafting handmade cards and knitting.

Kyle grew up in a rural town with his parents and younger brother in Southwest Washington. He has always been into music and the outdoors. He has played the drums in several rock and roll bands throughout the years. This love of music continues today; he always has music playing in the house from rock to old country western. In college, he worked as a backcountry ranger and developed a love and respect for the wilderness that he plans to pass on to our child. Recently, he has been exploring our local outdoors through mountain biking. Professionally, he serves as a firefighter for a metropolitan fire department. Helping people through tough times, working in the community and making a difference each day gives Kyle deep satisfaction and purpose. One of the benefits of Kyle’s work schedule is that he has a lot of free time to spend with our family.

Our daily home life is quiet, routine and sweet. We enjoy cooking together and going on walks with Tulip in our neighborhood trail system. We spend a lot of time in spring and summer gardening; we grow dahlias, peonies and lots of veggies! We love traveling-anything from camping in our rooftop tent around the northwest or big international trips like Norway for our tenth anniversary and we recently returned from a camping road trip in Iceland. Hawaii has played a big part in our relationship–we began visiting Maui when we were first married and have gone back every couple of years since. We spend our time there snorkeling, swimming and learning about local culture. We look forward to traveling and exploring the world with our child. We envision taking our child camping, hiking and traveling as much as possible. The world is full of beautiful places, interesting people and exciting adventures. We want to experience all these blessings with our child, through their eyes and feel connected to each other and the wonder of life.

In choosing open adoption our goal is to help our child maintain a relationship with their birth family and to know their complete story. We want our child to be proud of who they are and feel connected to all of their loved ones. We hope to create a respectful, warm relationship with our child’s birth family and look forward to celebrating important events and life experiences together.
Kyle and Alicia

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