Kyle and Alicia


Hello! We are Kyle and Alicia. We share our home with our two sweet pups, Tulip and Tennessee. We met in college through Kyle’s roommate and became fast friends. We were friends for four years before we started dating. The foundation of our relationship was built on our strong friendship. We have been married for 11 years and are ready for the next stage of our relationship journey by becoming parents. Several years ago, we decided we wanted to grow our family. Pregnancy didn’t happen for us and we began to look into adoption. Open adoption fits our values because of our beliefs in open communication and honesty.

Alicia is an only child raised by her parents in Spokane, WA. She has always enjoyed working with children and knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age. Alicia wakes up every day excited to go teach. She loves to bake and is working on becoming an expert cake decorator. She sends baked goods with Kyle to work frequently. She also enjoys exercising, hiking, scrapbooking and reading.

Kyle grew up in a rural town with his parents and younger brother in Southwest Washington. He has always been into music and the outdoors. In college, he worked as a backcountry ranger and developed a love of exploring the wilderness that has stuck with him. He is a firefighter for a large fire department. Not only does every day look completely different but he gets to help people and make a difference in their lives which is enormously satisfying. He also gets to ride around in a fire engine with the siren going which is awesome! One of the perks of Kyle’s schedule is that he has a lot of free time to spend with our family.

Our day to day lives are fairly quiet. We enjoy spending time outdoors with Tennessee and Tulip. We love traveling-anything from camping in our rooftop tent around the northwest or big international trips like Norway for our tenth anniversary. Hawaii has played a big part in our relationship–we began visiting Hawaii when we were first married and have gone back every couple of years since. We look forward to sharing and exploring the world with our child. We envision taking our child camping, hiking and traveling as much as possible. The world is a big place and we are excited to experience it through our child’s eyes.

We believe open adoption is the best way to grow our family because our child will have a connection and relationship with all of their family and know their complete story. We want our child to feel proud of their identity. We are open to whatever contact feels comfortable to the birth family. We look forward to getting to know our child’s birth family and celebrating events and life experiences with them.

Kyle and Alicia

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