Krista and Jon


Hi, we’re Krista and Jon. Thanks for taking some time to get to know us better and read our letter. We are thrilled to become parents through open adoption and raise our child surrounded by loving, caring adults, both biological and adoptive.

We met in 2007 while serving on a student leadership team. After a road trip to Disneyland, we started dating and have been co-conspirators ever since. Our adventures have taken us from Oregon to New York and finally to Spokane, Washington. Our home is unique; we live on a college campus in an apartment near college students. It is an atmosphere defined by learning, multicultural events, energy, and fun. It keeps us young and gives our future kiddo the chance to interact with people from diverse places, backgrounds, and experiences.

Krista is on staff at the college where we live and Jon works at a local credit union. We value exploration, curiosity, play, and learning new things. Krista’s work involves meetings with students, coaching them through decisions and planning creative programs that teach life skills and promote healthy relationships. Jon is an educator in his own right, teaching people how to manage their money and be intentional with their resources. Our life is filled with exploring different neighborhoods, travelling abroad, attending campus events, dancing, reading, thrift shopping, playing board games and trying new foods. We enjoy this full life and we cannot wait to bring a kiddo into it.

We are also fortunate we get to spend a lot of time with our friends. Most nights we eat dinner with Krista’s coworkers who also happen to be some of our best friends. Our immediate families live in Washington and Oregon and we spend many weekends and holidays traveling to see them. We love living in Spokane because it is so close to all the people we love.

A few years ago, we wanted to see what expanding our family might look like. We knew biological children were not in our future, so we decided to become foster parents. We fostered three little girls, two infant twins and a two year old. After some beautiful and challenging experiences fostering, we decided we wanted to become permanent parents. Foster parenting gave us the chance to practice open adoption principles, and convinced us this is how we want to grow our family. Equality is one of our strongest personal values and we love how open adoption treasures the perspectives of everyone involved. Our hope is that our adoption will be defined by honesty, transparency, communication, and fun. It is a lifelong relationship and we are looking forward to starting it.

Thank you for considering us!

Krista & Jon

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