Kim and Sam


Dear expectant parents:

Our family began ten years ago when a mutual friend introduced us. She insisted that Sam’s love of writing, reading and dedication to his yellow Labrador made him perfect for Kim. She insisted to Sam that his quest to find a smart, strong woman would be over after meeting Kim. It turned out she was right. We bonded over a love of Hemmingway, our families’ deep roots in our community and our close relationships with lifelong friends.

After five years of marriage, we have built a life together that we are proud of. We live on an acre of pine trees with our black mutt of a dog, Finn (named after Huckleberry Finn). While we both work hard and enjoy our jobs, our life really centers on our time spent with family and friends, or traveling. In the spring we are often RVing with Kim’s parents, Sam’s family, or close friends. Most weekends in the summer we are at our family cabin on a mountain lake. In the fall, we continue our RV adventures and attend University of Oregon football games. Our families’ traditions are excuses to spend time together. From Christmas tree cutting to Oregon coast trips, we find many ways to laugh and love with our family and friends.

Sam studied writing, literature and history at Eastern Oregon University. His boundless curiosity keeps him busy figuring out everything from woodworking and home improvement projects to learning to play guitar. The little brother to two older sisters, Sam comes from a large and varied extended family. When not reading, traveling or working on projects, he enjoys hunting and fly fishing and exploring the more remote corners of Central and Eastern Oregon. He’s also an accomplished and intrepid cook, and does most of the cooking for the family.

Kim is an introvert, political junky, avid reader and traveler. She reads an average of three books a week, listens to hours of podcasts and is an obsessive college football fan. Kim graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Political Science and History. While in college she had the opportunity to study abroad in Germany and began a lifelong love of traveling. After a career in non‐profit fundraising and event planning, she received her Masters in Communications this past year and began a public relations career.

Our decision to pursue open adoption rather than fertility treatment was not difficult. Kim has three adopted cousins. Watching her family’s journey with adoption has helped prepare us for the process of building a family through adoption.

We want to build a relationship with our birth family based on our hopes and dreams for the child. This means supporting each other in our choices without judgement and with compassion. We value raising a child that is strong, that challenges the world around them and that has insatiable curiosity.

Kim and Sam

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