Kim and Sam


Dear Expectant Parents;

We are Kim, Sam and our energetic dog Finn. We are excited to grow our family through open adoption and are fortunate to have watched Kim’s cousins build their family through open adoption. We thank you for taking the time to consider joining us on this journey.

We live in Central Oregon, where we both grew up. Each of us returned after college, unable to shake the beautiful area where we were raised and wanting to become a part of the community both our families moved to generations ago. This is a great place to be a kid, with tons of different things to do every season and enough small-town freedom for kids to explore.

Our home is on an acre of pine trees on the edge of town where Finn stays busy worrying the squirrels and deer. And we stay busy trying to keep up with yard work. Our best days are those filled with friends over an afternoon BBQ or holiday dinner. There is always a lot of love and laughter.

Kim works in communications and Sam is a homebuilder. We’ve built our marriage on love, trust and respect. Sam does the cooking, heavy lifting and maintenance. Kim does the cleaning, finances and planning. Sam is more outgoing and curious, Kim more quiet and thoughtful. We are partners in life and are lucky to have one another to help even out our personalities.

We both love music, especially a good concert or festival. Kim is a terrible singer, but loves to sing. Finn gets very anxious when she sings, so she spends a lot of time singing very loudly in the car-by herself. Sam is much more musically talented and can often be found playing the guitar to relax. Finn also finds it relaxing and likes to curl up and listen.

There are many little things we have learned about each other. Like that Kim gets pretty car sick and Sam loves country roads, so we still spend a lot of time on backroads-just going very slowly. Sam likes shows about nature and history and Kim likes any tv show with vampires or witches. So, we spend some time sleepily nodding through each other’s shows.

We both love to visit bookstores, libraries and museums and look forward to sharing our curiosity with a child. Kim likes art museums, Sam likes science museums and luckily, we both like history museums. We both like to travel-visiting favorite places and getting to know new ones.

Our lives are centered on our family. We are close with both our families and have each been blessed with lifelong friends who have become family. This tribe often joins us in RV trips all around the state. We enjoy Duck games with Kim’s parents, seafood feasts at the coast, swimming in the Cascade Lakes, maintaining the family lake cabin and visiting Sam’s family in Portland. Fishing and hiking also serve as great excuses to find new adventures. When we are home, we are often found at local festivals or trying something new.

Our goal is to build a relationship with our birth family that works for everyone involved, and is based on mutual respect, compassion and support. This is a journey we are approaching with open hearts and open doors. We hope to get to know and learn from each other. Our goal is to raise a strong, grounded child surrounded by love, with the confidence and curiosity that will allow it to find his or her place in the world.

Kim and Sam

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