Kevin and Tony


Hello! We are Kevin (on the left) and Tony (on the right). Thank you for reading our letter to you.
We met a little over three years ago through mutual friends. Our first date was at a quirky little dive bar with a space-age theme. We talked for hours over big blue drinks with little umbrellas, and have been pretty much each other’s favorite person ever since. Early on it was obvious we had very similar desires in life. We talked about the possibility of having children together, and decided that it was an important piece of the life we are building together.

Tony was born and raised in the Portland area. He is a formally trained chef, and takes great satisfaction from working for a pre-school program providing meals to low-income children. He can be quiet at first, yet still doesn’t mind speaking up, or adding a joke to the conversation. Tony can often be found in the kitchen testing new recipes or baking bread. He also loves to restore vintage bikes, work on his family tree, and is learning to play ukulele.

Kevin was born in California and was raised in Southern Oregon. He is intelligent, funny, and thoughtful, often offering valuable insight to a conversation. Kevin is a Surgical Physician Assistant at a local medical facility. He is a key part of a team that helps people with urgent surgical problems. He loves the people he works with and feels a great sense of accomplishment in his career. He likes to sketch in his free time, and is always looking to perfect his drawing technique. Kevin also likes to unwind in the garden, and work on repair projects around the house.

We both have extended family in the area who we see often for dinners and holidays. Kevin’s nephews are all active in sports, and we love to support them by going to their games. We have an amazing circle of long-term friends who we see as often as possible for dinners, birthdays, movies, or even camping; one of our favorite summer traditions.

We have owned a home in the Pacific Northwest for about two years. It is in a friendly and diverse part of town that is close to many shops and cafes. We are also near lots of hiking, camping, and beaches. We have access to great schools, parks and farmer’s markets. We share our lives with our cat Molly, and three chickens who provide us with fresh eggs and free entertainment. Summer at our house always means homegrown veg-gies. We live close to a large city, and often go there to enjoy festivals and weekend activities as well.

We are excited to finally be this close to being Dads! Raising a child together feels right to us because we love our life together, and we have more than enough love to go around. The challenges and rewards that come with parenting are responsibilities we are prepared to accept. Tony in particular is excited to take on full-time stay at home parenting.

We are hopeful that through this process our child will not only have her or his dads to rely on, but an ex-tended network of family that includes Birthmom. We look forward to creating these important relationships.

Thanks again for being here.
Kevin and Tony

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