Kevin and Tieryn



We’re Tieryn and Kevin, and we want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and getting to know who we are.

We both grew up in Oregon and knew each other as kids but didn’t become close friends until college. After college, the two of us started working together at a non-profit coffee shop, which brought us even closer as friends and was the catalyst for us dating and eventually getting married.  Our seven years of marriage have flown by so far, and we look forward to starting this open adoption adventure together. We still live in Oregon and enjoy being outside when the weather permits. We love taking nightly walks around the many parks and neighborhoods that surround our home. We also walk downtown on Saturday’s during the summer to visit the Farmer’s Market and get coffee at that same coffee shop that we both worked at. When we’re not working or outside, we enjoy relaxing at home.

Both of our families live within a few miles of us, and we love being with them for holidays, birthdays, and BBQs.  Kevin’s parents have a tradition of having everyone over on Saturdays in the fall to watch the Ducks play football.  We also spend a lot of time hanging out with longtime friends, who we often joke are our second family. They all live nearby, which allows us  to continue our more than decade long traditions of Halloween costume parties, Thanksgiving breakfasts, Christmas dinners, and 4th of July weekends at the Oregon coast.

Kevin works as an alternative high school teacher. He teaches English and Film.  When Kevin isn’t working, you can find him embracing his inner nerd, which usually means he’s watching an episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” or “The Simpsons” for the 100th time. You’ll also find him reading film books or doing a crossword puzzle. Tieryn works as a mental health therapist for children and families.  When she is not at work, she enjoys cooking, reading books and fashion magazines, binge watching tv on Hulu, and attempting to grow a garden (still working on that green thumb!).

Adoption is something we have talked about since we started dating.  We have been thoughtful in this decision, and we know it is the right way for us to raise a family.  We have experience with adoption via family members who have also made that choice and are raising amazing kids.

Our goal as parents is to raise a person who can go out into the world and be comfortable in their own identity; a person who can take on challenges as they come because they know they can problem solve and try new things.  We also want to raise a child that values relationships; has an inclusive, caring nature; and is a curious, critical thinker.

We’re excited about the possibilities of open adoption because we believe it will create a community of family for our child.  We believe all family is important and we want to teach our child that they have enough space in their hearts and lives for both their adoptive family and their biological family.  We are looking forward to starting new family traditions with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and learn more about us. We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about you as well!

Tieryn and Kevin



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