Kevin and Lorna


Hi! We are Kevin & Lorna – two creative nerds who aspire to be awesome, adoptive parents.

We met 8 years ago in Chicago and married in 2015 after putting down roots in Seattle. Our relationship is built on a foundation of friendship & partnership. We play, laugh, and dream together. We also, not-so-glamorously, do chores together. When we are not working, we like to play board games, explore the outdoors with our two small dogs, or cook meals to share with family and friends. More often than not, you’ll find us curled up together on the couch with our books.

Kevin grew up in Wisconsin outside of Madison and has strong Midwestern values including thriftiness, kindness, and respect for hard work. His rural upbringing and scouting trips gave him a love for hiking, boating, and camping which he is fortunate to share with Lorna. He’s easy going and a touch reserved. Kevin is also incredibly imaginative yet decisive, which are good traits to have as an Architect. He loves his career in architecture and applies his skills regularly at home. Lorna’s mother recently moved into the backyard cottage that he designed. In his free time, he’s likely in the wood shop tinkering on a project, mowing the lawn (yes, he considers this enjoyable), or perfecting a recipe in the kitchen.

Lorna is from southern California and lived in Chicago for 5 winters before deciding it was time to return to the west coast. She’s half Filipino and was raised in a multi-generational household. While Kevin’s family has traditions of rolling sugar cookies each Christmas, her family sits down to roll hundreds of lumpia egg rolls. Lorna is a people-person, warm hearted and curious. High school metal shop and a desire for financial independence led her to pursue Engineering. As a manager, she exercises her organizational & communication talents each day while also helping other people. On the weekends, she loves to indulge in cheesy rom-com movies, explore Seattle’s restaurant scene, or host a potluck.

We are both committed to the idea that families are an important and valuable part of living fully. Our plan was always to have a biological child, then adopt. Due to infertility, we’ve modified our plan and remain hopeful that we can move ahead with our dream to grow our family.

We choose openness to ensure that our child has the best chance to grow up with a strong sense of self. We aspire to help our child grow into a great person by providing structure and routine, love and support, plenty of time to play, and communication with you and other birth family members. We look forward to growing together and celebrating our common connection. Ultimately, we hope you will see yourself as an extension of our family.

With warm regards,
Kevin and Lorna

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