Kevin and Kristine


Hello! We are Kevin and Kristine, an adventurous and fun-loving couple in Washington State.

Our life together began in 2010 when we met working as new teachers. On our second date, small talked turned into joking when Kristine said, “I’ll marry you if you can beat a part of The Legend of Zelda for me.” Kevin, an avid video gamer, knew he had found “the one.” We got engaged while hiking, and were married in 2013. Our relationship has grown through our many shared adventures, and we are a great team who support each other 100%.

We are both passionate about our careers in teaching. Kevin teaches physical education and Kristine teaches third grade at the same elementary school. We share a love and respect for animals, and our dog Remy is a huge part of our family. We enjoy spending time outdoors, taking Remy for walks, singing loudly, camping and spending time at the ocean. We also love playing games and solving puzzles.

Kristine describes Kevin as creative and kind, with a playful spirit and a great mind for problem solving. He has an incredible bond with his students that is inspiring to watch. Kevin will be an amazing father. He is caring, patient and will support our child through all of life’s joys and challenges.

Kevin describes Kristine as loving and intelligent. She is dedicated and hardworking, spending time carefully crafting lessons to help her students learn. Kristine will be an excellent mother. She is excited to read stories together and teach our child to bake cookies.

We live in a suburban, child-friendly neighborhood in Western Washington, in the same home where Kristine grew up. Kevin’s brother’s family lives in the house across the street and Kevin’s parents live a few minutes away. Kristine’s parents live in Arizona, and visit often. Her sister’s family lives in Chicago and they also get together at least once a year. Spending quality time with our community of family and friends is incredibly important to us. They are excited to support us as we welcome a child and their birth family into our lives.

From a young age, we both knew we wanted to be parents. Facing the challenges of infertility together has strengthened our love and bond, reinforcing how much we yearn to share the experience of parenting. We will encourage a love of learning, and will teach our child to be curious and compassionate. During our summers off from work, we will explore and play as a family. We look forward to many camping trips, backyard BBQs and games.

As we learned about adoption, openness stood out as something very important to us. We are hopeful to have a genuine connection with our child’s birth family, so that our child will grow up surrounded by a larger community who loves and supports them. We welcome our child’s birth family to become a part of our extended family and to share in the journey of our child’s life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

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