Keshet and Eva


Hello! We are Keshet and Eva. Thank you for reading our letter. We hope this gives you a little flavor of who we are!

We met in 2012 and from the beginning, our relationship has been rooted in deep trust and respect and sustained by strong, honest communication. We love making each other laugh, make space to hear each other’s feelings, and deeply appreciate each other.

We live in a beautiful, cozy, old house in Seattle, close to parks, a library, and much more. We have an amazing vegetable garden, back-yard orchard, and chickens. We love spending time in nature: finding waterfalls on long hikes, telling stories around the campfire in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, and riding bicycles. When we’re not outside, we spend our free time doing community organizing for social justice, cooking with friends and family, playing board games, and having spontaneous dance parties.

Eva is creative, playful, and nurturing. She loves learning new things and always has a million projects going on. She loves gardening, climbing trees, and roller-skating. Though originally from South Florida, much of her family now lives in the Pacific Northwest and she loves getting to see them often. She is a carpenter with her own business remodeling and repairing homes. She loves that she gets to work with her hands and teach people how to fix things.

Keshet is thoughtful, social, and grounded. She especially appreciates quirkiness in the world and loves to laugh. She grew up in many countries with multiple cultural influences, which helped her appreciate from a young age the different ways people live around the world. She works as a global health researcher on HIV and mental health in the US and Kenya. She loves that she gets to collaborate with people around the world on projects that fight for the health of marginalized people.

We both care deeply about community and have a large, supportive network of close friends and family. Many of them live in our neighborhood and often drop by our house for impromptu visits to borrow something, share a meal, or laugh on the couch together. We love that we have a lot of kids in our lives – they’re very important to us and we’re very important to them. We especially spend a lot of time with our 3-year old niece, who lives a few blocks away – Eva takes care of her 1-2 days a week. Our community is excited to extend love and support to our child and we can’t wait for our child to get to know them!

We’re excited to expand our family and share all the things we love with a kid! We look forward to picking raspberries in the garden with them, having picnics at the lake by our house, and learning to play music together as a family. We will love our child unconditionally and appreciate them for whoever they are.

Open adoption feels right to us. We strongly value honesty and transparency and want our child to have connection with all parts of who they are. We make family with many people in different ways. We are excited to expand our community to include our kid’s birth family and raise our kid with the joy and richness of many types of relationships.

Thank you for reading our letter and we wish you the best on your journey!
Eva and Keshet

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