Kerry and Alison



We are Kerry and Alison and we live in a sweet apartment across the street from our favorite park in Portland, Oregon. We have two loveable, goofy dogs, Cody and Baxter. We are both from Illinois, Kerry from Chicago and Alison from the suburbs of Chicago. We are excited to share a little bit of who we are with you!

We met in college in Illinois and instantly connected over our shared silliness and search for fun. Humor and laughter have always been a huge part of our relationship and we share many interests and passions including social justice in disability services and health, good food and big family traditions. We moved to Portland together several years ago and have built a family of amazing friends! We’ve loved finding ourselves in a city with a slower pace, great food, and never-ending experiences in nature!

Alison is the fifth of eleven children and loved growing up with her siblings as her best friends. Alison works and advocates for adults with disabilities. She is an artist and paints using watercolor and acrylic. Her art hangs on our walls and the walls of our friends and family and she has sold several paintings over the years. She also plays a little guitar, dulcimer and harmonica. Alison is an enthusiastic cook and experiments with new savory, breakfast recipes almost every weekend.

Kerry grew up in the city of Chicago as one of five children, and her siblings are some of funniest people she knows. Kerry enjoys her work in public health which supports young children and families in Oregon. She volunteers for a group that supports the community to prepare for emergencies, which has been a fun way to get to know our neighbors. Kerry loves to dance, be outside with the dogs and find new fun adventures!

We both love reading and have been meeting monthly with a book club for years to nerd-out on books with our close friends. We enjoy going to museums, the theater, and seeing live music and comedy shows. We find nature rejuvenating and you will find us hiking when we can, camping annually, visiting the coast for long weekends with our closest friends, and we love to Stand-Up-Paddle board in the summer. We love exploring new places, have taken road trips and recently took our first trip to Europe together. Most of our family members still live near Chicago and we visit often. We also travel to see other close friends and family in California, Wisconsin and Arizona on a regular basis.

In 2016 we married in Portland and friends and family traveled from all over the country to be a part of our celebration! We are now looking forward to this next adventure of growing our family through open adoption. We’ve been aunties for a long time and have loved seeing the little ones in our lives grow into adulthood. Both of us being from large families, we experience so much joy extending our family circle. We started talking about adoption early in our relationship and were excited to learn that open adoption could offer relationships with birth families, both for our child and for us. We value family and friendship, kindness and generosity, community, fun and adventure. We can’t wait to share these values with our future child and their birth family.

Alison and Kerry

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