Kerith and Tara



We are Kerith (shorter hair) and Tara (longer hair) and our dog, Oso (the furry one with pointy ears).

We have both known for years that our our path to having children would be adoption, and that sense has only grown stronger the more we have learned about open adoption. The process of open adoption embodies what we most value, and hope to continue to create in our family: connection, openness and community.

We live in Portland, Oregon in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by big parks, friendly neighbors, kids, dogs, gardens, chickens, and schools close enough to walk to. Kerith’s extended family lives within fifteen minutes of our house and we see them regularly for various adventures. Tara’s family lives further away; we stay in touch with regular visits, phone conversations and Skype dates.

Kerith has worked at a non-profit agency for the past four and half years, providing healthcare services to people experiencing homelessness. She is taking her love of medicine to the next level by currently training to become a physician assistant through a program in Portland. Tara is a counselor who works with teenagers and adults to heal from traumatic experiences, and feels deeply grateful for work that brings meaningful connection, healing, and laughter. We both appreciate the flexibility of our careers, which will allow us to be home as much as possible with our child.

We love doing things together! We travel, hike and camp, read aloud to each other, watch movies on our projector, have summertime gatherings in our backyard, go for dog walks in the park, and cook meals for friends and family.

Taras perspective of Kerith: Kerith has a combination of compassion and animation that brings joy to everyone around her. She cares deeply about her community, and is dedicated to social justice in her work and personal life. And she is all kinds of fun! Kerith is at the heart of spontaneous family dance parties, is always up for a board game and delights in the happiness of her family and friends.

Keriths perspective of Tara:  Tara has made my life richer through her humor, compassion and generosity. She is an authentic supporter of friends and family, easily and delightedly staying connected to all the people in her life. She has a successful career, where she has created a work environment that nourishes her life, coming home from work glowing, happy and energized.

We know that the process of open adoption can be complex. Whatever may unfold, we envision our child supported by the love of both their adoptive and birth families. Our hope is to cultivate an authentic, everlasting connection with our child’s birth parents and birth family. Just as we invite our neighbors, friends and families into our lives, home and hearts, we hope to do the same with all the important people in our child’s life.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.


Kerith, Tara & Oso