Kerith and Tara


Hello! We are Kerith and Tara and our son, Arthur. Thank you for reading our letter.

We love parenting and are delighted to be living out an open adoption with Arthur, whom we adopted through OA&FS in 2018. Open adoption represents what we most value and do our best to embody in our day-to-day life: genuine connection, openness and community.

We live in Portland, Oregon in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by big parks, friendly neighbors, kids, gardens, and schools close enough to walk to. Our days often start with reading together on the couch or Tara running with Arthur in the jogging stroller and returning home to breakfast that Kerith has cooked for everyone. We love our jobs both because of what we do – Kerith is a physician assistant who works at a local hospital; Tara is a counselor who works with teenagers and adults to heal from past traumas – and because we are able to create schedules that include a lot of family time.

Kerith is compassionate and thoughtful and brings a genuine and grounded presence to those around her. Kerith prioritizes the people she loves, and has made our backyard a sweet sanctuary (most recent project: gazebo!). Her hugs always make Arthur smile, and her enthusiasm is infectious when it’s time to read out loud, wrestle or figure out new structures to build with legos. Tara is joyful and open hearted; she brings love and creates connection wherever she goes. Tara is passionate about spending time in nature and brings the family on regular outdoor adventures, from hiking in a local forest to splashing in puddles in the neighborhood. Tara speaks Spanish and loves hearing Arthur’s toddler pronunciations of the words she teaches him. Arthur is a gentle, curious and engaged soul, who loves spending time with his family and inspiring daily dance parties in the kitchen. Arthur’s favorite new word is “baby!” and we’re pretty sure he’ll be an awesome big brother.

We love to cook meals together, volunteer, laugh, travel, hike and camp, read, walk our dog and play ping pong in our backyard. Often, whether in a planned or spontaneous way, friends and family, including Arthur’s birth family, join us in these activities. We all love having a big “framily” and as parents, we appreciate that our children will grow up with such a variety of people who love spending time with them.
We know that the process of open adoption can be complex. However it may unfold, we hope to continue to cultivate authentic, everlasting connections with our children’s birth families.

We wish you all the best on your journey.

Kerith and Tara and Arthur