Keri and Dave


Hi! We’re Keri & Dave,

We met in 2015 during a holiday celebration hosted by Dave’s family as Keri knew Dave’s sister. It really came down to luck and pure fate that we came together and once we did, there was an instant connection. We realized our shared love of nature, adventure and dogs was just the beginning. Dave thinks Keri is the most motivated, creative and loving person he knows, and Keri values how funny, goofy, caring, and patient Dave is…no matter what he can always put a smile on your face. After dating for a couple of years we got married at the tiniest chapel in Reno, Nevada, then went on a road-trip to celebrate with our friends and family along the way. We have since enjoyed many more road-trip adventures up and down the West Coast where our family and friends are sprinkled.

After years of living and working in the Bay Area, we settled in Washington (Keri’s home state) to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have access to endless backpacking and hiking trips with our pups. Merle is a sweet husky heeler mix who loves getting pet from everyone and Josey is a small husky boxer mix who is energetic and loves to play tug with her favorite toy. After living in Seattle for about a year we started looking to buy a house and from the moment we saw it knew our historic craftsman home was the one for us! We are both very hands-on project people, have fully renovated the kitchen keeping its traditional theme and charm, and are excited to tackle our next project. We also live a couple blocks from a large park where Dave runs with the dogs most mornings.

Prior to moving to Washington, Keri worked as a graphic designer and managed web content for a real estate and property management company in California. After moving Keri has focused on renovating our home and yard and spends a lot of time reading. She also has a deep love for animals (including our sweet, energetic pups) and all forms of art, especially oil painting, and plans to take classes to learn more. Keri prefers the fluidity of her schedule, leaving lots of flexibility to be home with their child when they adopt. Dave landed his dream job three years ago as a videogame designer for his favorite game, Halo. One of Dave’s favorite adventures is our annual long-haul backpacking trip with the dogs. He also enjoys a good building project, working on our house, trying new barbeque recipes, and the occasional local craft beer.

Because we are unable to have biological children, we felt open adoption was the right path to grow our family, and couldn’t be more excited to become parents. We will model our values of empathy, learning and curiosity, and nature and the health of the environment to our child. We can’t wait to inspire them to have a gentle and adventurous heart and look forward to discovering and learning new things alongside them. Open adoption feels like a natural fit as our home is open to all. We always seem to have friends and family over for BBQ’s, holidays, or just for any reason we can think of. We look forward to growing our family and welcoming in new family members, including our child’s birth family. Thanks for reading our letter!

With Love, Keri & Dave (Merle & Josey)

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