Katy and Jordan



We’re Katy and Jordan. We live with our corgi Beethoven in a suburban town in Washington. Together, we enjoy exploring our town, roaming the Pacific Northwest on short trips (complete with carpool karaoke), hanging out with friends and family, playing games, finding new places to eat and new recipes to cook up ourselves, going bouldering on the weekends, and also the occasional takeout dinner and Netflix binge night!

Katy was born and raised in the Seattle area with her large extended family nearby. Growing up, frequent trips to various Pacific Northwest locales led her to develop both a love of nature and a love of reading to deal with long car rides. She maintains friendships with a wide variety of people and is outgoing and empathetic. She works as a research data analyst. With a brain for data and finding patterns, she enjoys solving puzzles and gathering trivia, as well as reading, baking, gardening, and dreaming up new color schemes for her hair.

Jordan was born in Seattle and was raised in Issaquah and Sammamish. He grew up hard-of-hearing and with a love of music, playing the violin throughout high school. He loves animals and his idea of a good day is one spent relaxing at home in the company of family and friends. He works as a web developer and, when not working, enjoys video gaming, tabletop role-playing games, playing and listening to music, exercising, and writing code for open-source programming projects.

We’ve been together for nearly ten years, having met in a programming course in college. We first bonded over a shared love of origami and a shared distaste for putting the wrong things into the trash, recycling, and compost bins. We got married a few years after graduating, and had a wonderful honeymoon in Victoria. Three months later, we bought a house… and welcomed Beethoven into our family a week later. We enjoy working together as a team and have used that ability to get to where we are today. We feel that we are at a good place to welcome a child into our lives.

From the beginning, we’ve both known we wanted children. When we envision future adventures we want to take, such as trips along the western coast of the US, and ski trips to Whistler, we picture our children coming with us. More than that, though, we look forward to everyday experiences with our children. Adoption has always been a part of this conversation for us, and openness in adoption struck us as the right fit, especially with our close ties with our families. We want to honor and have a relationship with our child’s birth family, and we want our child and their birth family to have that same opportunity for bonding and building a relationship.

We thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

Katy & Jordan

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