Julie and Doug


Hello! We are Julie and Doug.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us and our vision for building a family through open adoption.This is a unique journey and we wish you the best in making the decision that is right for you.

Our first date was a rainy Portland hike in 2012 where we swapped stories about outdoor adventures and our experiences working with youth. Julie fell in love with Doug’s warm smile and Doug fell for Julie’s endless knowledge of the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been adventuring together ever since and in 2017, we invited our loved ones to celebrate with us at an outdoor wedding picnic on the Oregon coast.

We’re different in our personalities and interests yet complement each other in many ways. Doug appreciates that Julie is quick-witted, intuitive, a planner and a problem-solver who makes folks feel at home. Julie loves that Doug is a creative, friendly, and thoughtful person who makes sure everyone’s taken care of. We support each other and are stronger together.

Julie: I moved from the East Coast to Oregon twenty years ago, drawn to the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty and openness. My work with young people in community programs inspired me to study youth leadership in graduate school. I now work as a consultant helping schools and nonprofits. With my free time, I find connection in cooking, playing outdoors, and taking in the arts. My favorite place to be is on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Doug: I taught high school English in Seattle for eight years. Discussing literature with students and seeing their interesting ideas grow each year was very rewarding. I moved to Portland in 2008 for its slower pace and to work with adults. Now I teach medical staff how to use software, but I still have the literature bug in me: for fun I read and write science fiction.

In 2016 we bought a house in a quiet, diverse, and friendly neighborhood. Our home is perfect for how we’d like to raise a child, because there are nearby schools, parks, and outdoor spaces. We have plenty of room for hosting, and regularly have folks over for dinner and game nights.

We both have always envisioned building a family. Open adoption resonates with us because the process is respectful of everyone involved. We welcome an on-going relationship with the birth family and we believe that children benefit from having many caring adults in their life. Our friends and family are supportive and excited to meet the child who will join our home. Thank you for getting to know us while you consider your options.

Julie and Doug

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