Julia and Dash


To Our Prospective Parenting Partner(s),

We hope this letter finds you as well as you can be right now. We appreciate that this is a huge crossroads in your life. It is for us as well. We hope you choose us to be a part of your family so that we can navigate these unique times together.

Our names are Julia and Dash (short for Dashiell). We moved to Oregon in 2019 and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest as much as we could during a global pandemic. We’re both originally from Chicago (Dash was born and raised in the city and Julia in the suburbs). We have been planning for our family expansion by buying our first house and really settling in here. We live in a townhouse with neighbors of all walks of life.

Julia works in the tech industry. In her free time she likes to lift weights, dance and, because she works from home, be inseparable from our dog, Prezbo. She is the Type A personality in this relationship so she is the one who plans our family hikes all over the city.. She likes to keep things organized (though Dash loves making a good list).

Dash works as a counselor in community mental healthcare. In his free time he likes to play video games, read about politics and movies and video chats our best friends in Boston (who will eventually be our baby’s god parents). He is the Type B personality in this relationship so he enjoys to be along for the ride when going on hikes.

Together, we like to cook dinner together during the week, work on puzzles, play board games, go to the movies and sing along to adult contemporary hits of the 1990s loudly in the car (but not well). We love spending time with our friends’ young kids and can’t wait to bring another into the fold.

If you chose us, we would love to form a relationship together. It is our hope that we will gather for holidays, family meals and important milestones in our child’s life. We know that relationships are beautifully complex and we are committed to working to create a bond with you that lasts a lifetime.

Our next steps in life will depend on the needs of our child. We plan on moving to a school district in Portland that matches our child’s developmental and community needs. We hope our parents back in Chicago will be enticed to visit for a long time with a kid in the picture.
Our dog Prezbo is very sweet and quiet. He is about 10 years old, brown and spends the majority of the day sleeping. He is also looking forward to being a big brother. His favorite activities are being within 15 feet of a human, going on 4 walks a day, and leaving his hair all over the house.

We envision a future where we can go camping with our child on Mt. Hood and at the Oregon Coast, snuggle up for a movie marathon of all of the “Lord of the Rings” movies and have spontaneous living room dance parties every week.
Thanks for reading our letter! Have a fantastic life and we hope we get to be a part of it!

Dash and Julia

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