Josh and Jessica


Hi! We are Josh and Jessica.

We met in 2014 about a year after we had each moved to Seattle. Jessica was attracted to Josh’s contagious laugh, kind eyes, and love for all things nerdy. Josh was attracted to Jessica’s witty humor and smile. We married in 2016, surrounded by family and friends. We both have wanted to become parents for a very long time, and we are excited to see where the road of open adoption leads our future family. We consider our Christian faith an important part of our lives. We believe in a Christianity that is open and welcoming to anyone without judgement or shame.

Josh works as an electrician. He spent a decade in the Navy, which taught him a love of traveling and exploring. He is of Irish descent and one day hopes to travel to Ireland to connect with his roots. Josh is a very compassionate person, who believes in equality and fighting for social justice when he sees a need for change. He is also a huge movie fan, and especially enjoys anime. When hanging out with our nephews or godchildren, he is never too busy to read a book, play a game, or build an epic blanket fort.

Jessica, who also goes by Jess, is a former chef who loves creating a welcoming home and sharing meals with friends and family. Currently, she works in the healthcare industry. She is half-Ecuadorian and speaks Spanish fluently. She is enthusiastic about communication, including learning new languages. A combination of extrovert and introvert, she loves getting together with friends as much as she loves curling up to watch Harry Potter or Gilmore Girls. Jess takes tremendous joy from spending time with babies and kiddos of all ages, and they seem to gravitate to her nurturing, playful demeanor.

Together, we enjoy board games, movies, bike rides, and paddle boarding. We have a lovable 5-year-old dog named Roscoe who is quirky, smart, and fun. He loves to tag along on any adventures or snuggle up to us on the couch. As a couple, we have been dreaming of our future family, and what kind of parents we want to be. We plan to encourage our children in the things they find interesting. With a combination of structure, spontaneous learning and adventure, we hope to raise kids who value inclusivity, curiosity, integrity, and empathy. We will do our best to model these values with our actions, not just our words. Most of all, we want our kids to know how amazing, loved, and cherished they are.

We have both always wanted to have kids and we are excited to do this through open adoption. We hope for a relationship with our child’s birth family that involves visits, phone calls, photos, and our own special traditions. We also understand that comfort levels with openness vary, and we will take our cues from our child’s birth family about how involved they want to be. No matter what, our child’s birth family will be a very important part of our family and they will always be welcome at our table and in our lives.

We wish you all the best,
Josh and Jessica

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