Josh and Alexis


Hi there. We are Josh, Alexis and Ruby. We (Josh and Alexis) met in Portland, Oregon in 2004 while working on that year’s presidential campaign. A road trip from Portland to San Diego solidified our relationship and we’ve never looked back. We live near Seattle, in a wonderful community full of friendly people, spacious parks, and great schools. We spend our time getting together with friends, and traveling near (we love the North Cascades) and far (we count trips to Morocco and South Africa as our favorites). In December 2016, we received a call asking us to come to the hospital, where we met our would-be daughter’s birth mom. Ruby was born the next morning. Ruby is an active child in an active family: she’s been to over a dozen states and has become a great traveler. She’s outgoing and opinionated and loves to tell and hear stories – she’s particularly fond of the story of how she was born and adopted. Although we do keep busy, we also love spending quiet family nights at home.

Josh is a forensic social worker in public defense. He advocates for his clients as they navigate the criminal justice system. Josh’s passion for social justice is nearly matched by his affection for art and music. He’s done work on fliers, an online book, a self-published comic, and art for our home. He recently launched a small business selling artwork and donating the proceeds to local non-profits. He has an extensive collection of music and instilled a love of music in Ruby – she had her own playlist at a few weeks of age, and she talks about liking little-known tracks from The Who with almost the level of enthusiasm she has for Daniel Tiger. Almost. Josh loves movies, reading, writing, and long, philosophical conversations with friends. Alexis is a scientist at a local research institute where she studies infectious diseases of global importance. Her work allows her to contribute to the world in a unique way and embrace her love of learning, discovery, and intellectual challenge. Alexis also loves exercise, gardening, debating politics and cooking. More important than anything else for Alexis is her love of family, friends, and community. Ruby loves playing with her friends at preschool, the Little Gym, reading with Mommy and Daddy (she’s so excited to be able to read herself, and is practicing her letters), coloring, music, riding her bike, and playing hide-and-seek.

Alexis is energetic and logical; Josh is lower key, more of the creative type. We work well together because we allow our differences to balance each other out and help us grow. Ruby has done so much to enrich a life we loved even before she came along. Watching her grow, becoming more capable and curious; has brought us even closer. We consider ourselves very fortunate and our family the best part of our lives. We look forward to sharing our life with another child. We’ve known since before parenting Ruby that we wanted to have two children, as we believe children’s lives can be richer when they grow up together. We will always work to create a supportive home that will nourish our children’s strengths and encourage them to be the best they can be. We value inclusion, equality, and the inherent dignity of every person. Those values are, and will continue to be, reflected in our parenting, and in our relationship with you, should you choose us to be the adoptive parents of the person you bring into the world. Thanks for considering us.

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