Joseph and Bryan


Hi, we are Joseph and Bryan. We are excited to be on this journey to adopt and grow our family. Fate caught us in 1999 when we met at a running club in Seattle. We were both new to the area (Bryan from Pennsylvania and Joseph from Idaho). We quickly grew close, especially after Joseph spontaneously showed up at Bryan’s apartment with a leftover pizza… Bryan was pleasantly surprised, he had just ordered pizza delivery and now he had two! Joseph made Bryan laugh a lot; Bryan impressed Joseph with his caring personality. It was a match!  A year later we started creating a home and life together. We spent many years developing our careers; Bryan works in finance and Joseph is in real estate.

We love the Pacific Northwest! It matches our relaxed way of life and love of outdoor adventure. We live in a vibrant and diverse neighborhood near downtown Seattle. We are lucky to have a large backyard shared with our neighbors where their kids play and our chickens roam. In addition to the chickens we have a dog, Canela, and a cat, Cleo.

As a family we love traveling, playing games and watching movies.  We are close with our extended family and make several visits per year.  Joseph is strong, caring and enthusiastic. He is giving and easily connects with people.  Bryan is optimistic, sensitive and determined. He strives to make things better and more fun in all aspects of life. We complement and learn from each other, and work well as a team!

In 2009, we began our parenting journey and started the process to become foster parents. We parented our foster son, Carter, from December 2011 until April 2014 when he was reunited with his birthmother. We hoped to become Carter’s adoptive parents, it was difficult and sad to say goodbye.  Through parenting Carter we felt our lives grow in incredible ways, the privilege of having him in our life became a prized portion of who we were as a family. We completely identified with parenting, were humbled through it, and wanted more of it! Even though we are not parenting Carter any longer, we will always love him and strive to honor him in our lives.

We took time to recover from our loss experience with Carter and now we are ready and excited again to welcome a child and birth family into our family. We are patient and fun-loving, flexible yet grounded. We enjoy our active and relaxing time together as a family, cooking and sharing a meal together, x-country skiing, or embarking on a new travel adventure. We intend to expose our future child to all facets of life: family, community, arts, sciences and sports, we hope to guide them as they acquire the tools to reach their potential and grow. Above all, we want our child to love themselves and others, the rest will follow…

Loving families come in all shapes and sizes. We want our child to have the benefit of knowing and growing with all their family members. We believe strongly in the open adoption story being a part of our future child’s narrative. Having connections to their birth family and cultural past will enable them to have a strong sense of identity and place in the world. We have several friends who have grown their families through open adoptions and have seen firsthand the enriching benefits that come when children, birthparents, and adoptive parents form relationships and grow together. We appreciate how our friends have become a part of their birth families’ story as much as our friends now have birth families included in their story. We think these relationships help the children feel secure, loved, and whole. Thank you for considering us, we invite you to read our family book to learn more. We are honored to be part of this process with you and wish you the best.

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