Joseph and Bryan


Hi, we are Joseph (left) and Bryan (right),

Fate brought us together in 1999 when we met at a local running club, and later connected over our shared love of pizza. We were new to the area, Bryan from Pennsylvania and Joseph from Idaho, and our relationship quickly grew. Joseph made Bryan laugh (and still does!), and Bryan was taken by Joseph’s caring nature. Joseph is strong, enthusiastic, generous, and easily connects with people. Bryan is optimistic, sensitive, determined, and seeks out fun in all aspects of life. We complement and learn from one other, and work well as a team!

The Pacific Northwest matches our relaxed way of life and love of outdoor adventure, and we have created a home and life together in Washington State, with our beloved pets, Canela (dog) and Cleo (cat). We have grown in our respective careers over the years, Bryan in finance and Joseph in real estate. In our downtime, we love traveling, playing games, watching movies, and staying active and healthy. Our neighborhood is vibrant and diverse and we share a large backyard with our neighbors, where their kids enjoy playing. We have remained close with our extended families and enjoy spending time with them several times a year.

We have always imagined being parents and our journey began in 2009 as foster parents when our family grew to include a little boy named Carter. We loved and cared for him from 2011 until 2014 when he returned to his birthmother. We completely identified with parenting and were humbled by the experience. We were immensely sad to say goodbye to him, and will always love him. We feel the loss of not being able to maintain a relationship with him and through this experience we have grown our understanding of what it could be like for a birth parent to not know how their child is doing on a regular basis. We value openness on a different level and look forward to including our child’s birthparent(s) in our child’s life and embracing them as family.

We are patient and fun loving, flexible yet grounded and enjoy a balance of activity and relaxation. Time together as a family is important, whether cooking and sharing a meal together, x-country skiing, or embarking on a new travel adventure. We intend to expose our future child to all kinds of adventures and activities, and hope to guide them as they explore their interests and curiosities. Above all, we want our child to love themselves and others.

Loving families come in all shapes and sizes and we want our child to have the benefit of knowing and growing with all their family members, birth and adoptive. We hope that having connections to their birth family will enable our child to have a strong sense of identity and place in the world. We are honored to be considered by you, and wish you all the best.

Joseph & Bryan (Canela & Cleo)

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