John and Dan



We’re John (on the left) and Dan. Thanks so much for reading about us.

We’ve been together for more than 15 years and have lived in Seattle for close to 10 years. We live in a neighborhood close to a lake and across the street from a park with community gardens and a playground. We also have a big cat named Buddy; and Dan loves goats so those might be in our future. Maybe some chickens, too. John is warming up to the idea :).

We come from families where time spent together is very important. We both have childhood stories of road trips to Yellowstone National Park, heading out to the woods to find the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree, playing board games, fishing, and having fun with siblings and cousins. Through all of our adventures, togetherness is at the core. We want to create more of those together times with little ones in our home.

Dan is originally from Spokane where his parents and brother’s family live. John comes from Kansas where his parents and sister’s family reside. His other sister and her family live in Nashville, TN.

We met while Dan was in law school at Gonzaga and John was a news reporter for a television station in Portland, OR. We bonded over basketball while watching the NCAA tournament. We eventually moved to Oklahoma – John worked at an Oklahoma City station and Dan led a homeless advocacy program for Legal Aid Services. Ultimately, we missed living on the West Coast and decided to move to Seattle.

Dan soon felt pulled to pursue a career in education. He’s now a kindergarten/first grade teacher and loves it. John chased his passion for airplanes and now works in communications for a major aerospace company.

A typical weekend for us includes Friday night Thai takeout or Dan making his homemade pizzas. On Saturday morning, we might walk up to our local coffee shop and take in the view, then do yard work, home improvement projects, errands and hang out with our great group of friends. We’re big sports fans and especially enjoy college basketball. We also love being active – camping, biking and skiing are among our favorites. Down time is important for us, too. We like to read, watch movies or just play cards and board games.

We have a strong community of friends and family, which has always been a priority with us. It’s one of the foundations of our relationship. Our families get along great with each other and we are so excited to build on that community of closeness with our own child and his or her birth family. That’s us!

John & Dan

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