John and Alex


Hello! We’re John and Alex, and we met 8 years ago in Chicago. Our marriage is built on a foundation of mutual respect, love, and friendship. We moved to Seattle a few years ago when we were ready to settle down and adopt – it’s always been our dream.

We are both open to new experiences, whether it’s a trip to Mexico or just a weekend hike in the Cascades. We go everywhere with our boxer dog, Ralph, who has been our adventure buddy for many years. We strive to be humble and live an active life – balancing hard work with exercise, meditation, lazy Sundays, and meals with friends and family.

John is from Chicago, and has strong Midwestern values including loyalty, kindness, and friendliness. He grew up in an airline family with five kids where he learned to love travel. He enjoys travel so much he lived in Latin America for two years, and now works in the travel tech industry. John is an extrovert with a close set of friends; he’s stood up in four of their weddings. On the weekends John loves to explore Seattle through running, biking and hiking, and trying to find pizza as good as Chicago’s deep dish.

Alex grew up in rural Washington outside of Seattle and lived in Vancouver and Chicago before returning to Seattle. His rural upbringing and summer camping trips gave him a love for the outdoors which he is lucky to share with John. He is a builder at heart and took that passion into a career in architecture, which he loves. In his free time, he might tinker on a home project, sail or kayak. He likes gardening, cooking Thai food, and camping. He values kindness and looks for the best in others.

We both come from large families with whom we are still close. John’s family lives in Chicago and LA and we visit them often. Alex’s family is spread throughout the Northwest, with both of his parents living a quick drive away and many aunts, uncles and cousins around the Puget Sound. Our favorite traditions include summer shellfish boils on Bainbridge Island, and decorating for the holidays. We know our child and their birth family will be welcomed into our families and traditions with open arms.

We have always known we wanted to adopt. We believe family is what you make of it, and open adoption means our child will know their history and have the chance to be loved by more people. We understand that open adoption relationships are unique and personal, and we hope to welcome a child and their birth family into our life, our stories and our hearts. We’re ready for the next adventure in our life – to grow our family and our love.

Wishing you the best,
John & Alex

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