Jim and Harry


Hi there. We are Jim and Harry. Thanks for taking a moment to read our letter.

We live on a small farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Harry is an organic vegetable farmer who raises food for families in Portland, and Jim is a program manager for a tech company. Besides vegetables, we have an orchard that is beginning to gift us with fruits and nuts, and we have also raised chickens, ducks, geese, goats, and cattle. Our farm will be a great place for a child to grow up, with a small patch of woods to explore, tons of berries and fruits to snack on, and animals to care for and tend. We want him or her to share in our love of cooking, homesteading, and general self-reliance.

Jim is a caretaker by heart and loves to cook and entertain friends and family. He is a self-taught builder and tinkerer and is always dreaming of the next structure to create. Jim is kind hearted, but he loves to tease. Harry is gentle and kind but loves to crack jokes. He is always up for an adventure and enjoys learning new things especially languages and music. He was a teacher for many years so he often explains things with amazing detail.

We both come from humble backgrounds, know how to stretch a penny, and have learned that what matters most cannot be bought. We love to travel and have visited parts of Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Hawaii, Thailand, and Japan. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we love nothing better than to watch the sunset with a cold beer in hand.

We first began talking about children and how important having a family was to each of us on our second date. We both want to share our hearts and our way of being with a child, to raise them to be strong and independent, full of curiosity and spunk, but also generous, respectful, and open-hearted, looking for ways to give to and care for others. We know that there is much out of a parent’s control, but we have faith that with patience, love, and consistency, all will turn out for the best.

Our families are full of loving, opinionated, funny, hard-working, and stubborn people–we love them all. They are enthusiastic about us adopting a child, and we know we can count on them for support. Two of our closest friends also have an adopted son (we’re his godfathers) and we envision our child growing up with him and from a young age knowing someone who is also adopted.

We are excited to welcome the birth family of our future child into our own. Open adoption allows us to add to the people we care about and to root our child in an even larger group of people who love and look out for them. We envision joint family gatherings on the farm with lots of laughter, teasing, and plenty of good food. We look forward to building a supportive and understanding relationship with the birth family as we raise our child.

Harry and Jim

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