Hello, my name is Jess! I am a native Oregonian, currently living in Portland with my sweet cat Julep.

I am an outgoing, nurturing, and optimistic person. I have a warm demeanor and care deeply for my family, friends and community. I live a well-balanced life where days are spent visiting the farmers markets, cooking up a storm or checking out a new restaurant, working out (I love yoga and cycling classes), visiting art galleries, and planning my next trip. I’ve had a long career in marketing and work from home which gives me awesome flexibility.

I am lucky to be supported by my amazing family, friends and coworkers. My family lives in close proximity, and as I grow my family I am so excited for grandparents (my folks) and cousins (my 3-year-old niece) to be nearby to make memories with. Many of my friends are already parents, and I can’t wait to see our kiddos grow up and play together.

Being a mother has always called to me and I am so ready for this next chapter of life to begin. I will raise our child to know they are unconditionally loved, supported, and accepted. I can’t wait to have adventures that will teach them to be curious and brave. To spend time being silly so that they learn to find joy in the world around them. And to provide open arms when life gets hard, so that they know they are always safe and loved.

Open adoption has called to me because I believe it’s in the best interest of the child to know and celebrate their adoption story, have a connection to their birth family’s stories and history, and to have an even wider network of people who love and care for them. I am committed to making an open adoption relationship that is grounded in respect, compassion and trust, and where all parties feel welcome and included.

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