Jeremy and Kara


We’re Jeremy, Kara and Edia. Kara was adopted as a newborn in an open adoption, giving us an expanded idea of family and community which we hope to further embrace in choosing to adopt through OA&FS. We know that pregnancy, birth, and parenting aren’t easy. We wish you all the best and thank you for reading more.

We met in college 12 years ago and bonded over our shared values of family, health, community and nature. We got engaged on a mountaintop in the Adirondacks and married in 2014. Jeremy was raised in upstate New York in a big Jewish family full of traditions and personalities. He became an Emergency Room doctor to give back to the community and because he can stay calm and pragmatic no matter what. Kara grew up in a small town in Oregon and is half Korean. She’s a market researcher who is fascinated by consumers and helping companies improve. She’s outgoing and always up for a new challenge or idea. Edia is our playful, friendly toddler, who loves babies, tot parties, hugs, and picking blackberries in our neighborhood.

In 2016 we moved back to Oregon and had our daughter, Edia. We love our community here: Kara’s family is nearby and we’ve made friends with over a dozen young families, bringing people together hosting toddler parties and holiday meals. Nearly every day we sit down to a homemade meal together and play at the amazing playground just a block away. Kara continues to breastfeed and hopes to do the same for our adopted child. Every Wednesday is “Dad day” and Jeremy devotes the day to activities like music class and the science museum. On the weekends we go to synagogue and spend time outside gardening and camping. We also love travelling to New York to visit Jeremy’s family.

Kara and her sister were adopted as newborns in the 1980s in some of the first open adoptions in the country! To this day, Kara’s birthmom feels like a special aunt. Despite living far away and having her own life, we’ve stayed in touch with letters, visits and calls giving Kara a strong sense of identity and history. We are thrilled that she joined in the fun at our wedding and knows Edia! We know that each adoption is unique and we hope to count you as family with time spent together, love and mutual respect. We’re excited to get to know you and embrace you and your child!

Best of luck on your journey and take care,

Kara & Jeremy

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