Jennifer and Lance


We’re Jen and Lance and we’re so happy to introduce ourselves to you. We’re very excited about becoming parents through this process. Open adoption emphasizes honesty, which is really important to us.

We met on a blind date through a mutual friend about 17 years ago, hit it off from the start and have been together ever since. We got married in a small ceremony almost 13 years ago. We’ve been through a lot together and have no doubt we make each other stronger. We’ve deepened our connection and commitment to each other in planning for adoption.

We really get each other. One Valentine’s Day we got each other the same card! Lance laughs at Jen’s made-up words; Jen loves Lance’s funny faces. Lance appreciates how Jen thinks about things deeply and shows her feelings; Jen appreciates Lance’s endless patience and fundamental concern for others. We find each other’s voices comforting. We’re both fairly quiet people and enjoy reading, listening to music, watching a movie or TV, doing puzzles and playing games. Every night we like to do a crossword puzzle together in bed. We share a love of learning and hope to pass this along to our child. We both think it’s important to be kind to others and accept that there are many different ways to be and live. We also hope our child will grow up to feel capable – ready to tackle anything — and be responsible for their choices.

We were both raised in Oregon and call it home today. For us, there is no more beautiful place than the Pacific Northwest. We are “green” Oregonians through and through; we need to be close to nature and we try to recycle and conserve natural resources as much as possible. We live in a suburban home that gives us quick access to the mountains and the coast, as well as to cultural opportunities in the city. We enjoy going to concerts, visiting museums, galleries, and farmers’ markets, browsing neighborhood shops, and eating out at wonderful restaurants.

While we enjoy going out and exploring, we also really like being home, together. It recharges our batteries. We often say that our house really is our haven – warm, cozy, and peaceful. When friends and family visit, they say the same. Lance’s grandparents used to live in our house, so it’s truly a family home. Several years back we remodeled to give us some more space. Along the way we discovered just how similar our styles are, and we’ve been thrilled with the result. Our neighborhood is a great place to raise kids, with top-rated schools and plenty of parks to run wild. We see ourselves living here for a long time.

We’ve thought long and hard about our wish to become parents and feel hopeful about doing that through an open adoption. It just feels right to us, being respectful to everyone involved, especially to our child. We’re excited thinking about welcoming our child’s birth family into our extended family, being connected by building a loving, supportive, and enriching life for our child

Sending warm thoughts your way. We truly wish you the best on your journey.

Jen and Lance

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