Jen and John


Hello! We are Jen, John, and Lucetta.

We met through friends at a summer concert where John performed a captivating tambourine solo, causing Jen to swoon. Almost immediately we knew we were destined to be together and married two years later. We always hoped to become parents and with Lucetta, our wish came true.

We call beautiful Southwest Washington home. Our simple but rich life consists of relaxed weekend mornings, walks through our local park and farmer’s markets and evening snuggles on the couch. We laugh, dance, sing, cook, eat, entertain and travel. We have fun, doing anything- just as long as we are together. We enjoy summer “staycations” throughout the Northwest, and we especially love the coast. Some of our favorite moments involve baking homemade biscuits and cookies and toddler dance parties.

As music teachers, we love our jobs. Jen sings, plays flute and piano. John plays trumpet. Lucetta loves to paint, sing, and spin wildly to happy songs. John comes from a large family with seven siblings. He is a “Jack of all Trades”, and enjoys woodworking. John is a committed father, husband and friend; he is always there when you need him. In Jen’s free time she enjoys relaxing at home, gardening and cooking new recipes. She is a voracious reader and takes pleasure in learning new things. Jen is more than you might expect; she is strong, willing to get dirty and has an edgy sense of humor.

We cherish being parents, sharing our love of life. We have found the little moments make parenting so joyful. We relish reading, playing, and doing art projects with Lucetta. We delight in nurturing her joy in life and rally around her in her struggles. We consider parenting an art form and think that every child’s individuality requires flexibility within a structure. We also appreciate that our child’s story will have many loving people in their life. We live our open adoption values daily and are grateful to call our birth family, family. We look forward to gatherings and sharing our lives with birth family and traveling the open adoption path together. We wish you strength and peace on your journey.

Jen, John, and Lucetta

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