Jen and John


Hi, we’re Jen and John, thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you.

We view life as a journey, so it is fitting that our relationship began with two years of journeying between Portland where Jen lived and southeast Washington where John lived. We found we shared many hobbies like hiking, tennis and traveling, but also values like respect, compassion and joy. Now, married and living in the same place with our big fluffy dog Daisy. We are excited to grow our family in such a meaningful way, centering our world around a child but also gaining extended family in you.

Jen’s journey began on the Oregon coast, loving the water and outdoors. Growing up in a small town her family gave her the confidence and opportunity to be fully immersed in school and activities growing up. Traveling and living abroad provided different perspectives that have kept her curious about others while appreciating the community she’s a part of. Jen teaches high school and so much of who she is as an adult is about serving others and helping them grow to reach their potential (which John thinks will help make her a terrific Mom!).

Also growing up in a small town, John played a lot of sports and enjoyed exploring the lakes, rivers and forests of Northern California. While studying biology in college and graduate school, playing tennis at UC Santa Cruz eventually led to a career in coaching. Now, having been a head college coach for 10 years, work for John is not just about winning matches, but centers around building a family culture and developing relationships (which Jen thinks will help make John a great Dad!).

Together, we enjoy the simple things in life. In the winter, you’ll find us playing in the snow with Daisy then warming up with a hot cocoa at home. Our summer is full of playing tennis, gardening and cooking dinner for friends in our backyard. Our local town and college community provides street events, music, theatre and sports that we enjoy. We do love to travel, both to visit family and friends as well as to explore new places and people and feel lucky that our jobs give us time off to do this.

The concept of open adoption fits so well with how we see ourselves as parents because we’re excited to include a child at the center of our lives while welcoming you. The more we learn about open adoption the more we can’t imagine any other way of parenting. Providing our child with their full story and the opportunity to have a bigger family will allow them to develop their identity along with the values, skills and support for their own journey. Our life experiences have taught us that even when we don’t know the answers or where life is taking us, we can navigate the journey and figure things out together, which is something we very much wish to pass on.

We’re so grateful you’ve taken the time to read this.
Hopefully it’s helped you get to know us.

We wish you all the best,

Jen and John

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