Jen and Jeremy


Hi there! We are Jen, Jeremy and Braeden from Seattle.

We are a creative, active, and adventurous family who cherish spending time together – from road trips on long weekends to Sunday afternoons at the bowling alley – every moment is more fun when we are together. After seven years of marriage and over a year and a half as parents, we cherish the memories we have made as a family. We can’t wait to make many more as we grow our family again through open adoption.

In 2015, we adopted our son, Braeden at the age of 2 1/2. He was incredibly resilient in transitioning into our family and we are blessed to be his forever Mommy and Daddy. Our experience with open adoption completely surpassed our expectations and we are thankful to have his birth family in our lives. We can truly say that they are family and our relationship continues to grow on a solid foundation of love for Braeden.

Adopting Braeden has brought so many wonderful changes to our lives. While we loved to go on adventures as a couple – we now focus our free time on doing fun kid things like going to the hands-on museum, taking a bike ride or hike, playing putt-putt or heading to the pool for family swim. Like all families, we spend our fair share of time doing chores around the house. Braeden exhibits his independence as he assists with cooking, laundry and cleaning around the house. He is so proud of being our big helper.

We are Seattle transplants and have lived here for over a decade. After getting married we decided to make our home in a small Seattle suburb because it was close to the city for work, had a variety of restaurants and coffee shops, a farmer’s market and beachfront. After becoming parents, we appreciate that our little town has schools, parks, hiking trails and pools; all within walking distance.

Professionally, Jeremy works as a freelance graphic designer and is heavily involved in the local design community volunteering on advisory boards for several design organizations. Jeremy is in charge of all the technology around the house and these services extend to the entire family. Since Braeden’s placement, Jeremy has been taking some time away from design to focus on being a full-time Dad.

Jen has working in marketing for over 15 years and currently has her dream job working for a Seattle technology company. Jen is responsible for the household finances, meal plan and family calendar. Since becoming a Mom, Jen makes sure to balance work and home – making it home in time for dinner, bath and bed time with Braeden.

We are over the moon at becoming parents again and can’t wait to expand our family. Braeden loves babies and can’t wait to be a big brother. He often tells us which toys he plans to share (and which he plans to keep for himself). We want to continue to raise our children to seek adventure, have deep compassion for other people, exude confidence, never stop learning and to feel incredibly loved. Our best wishes for you as you embark on your journey and may you be surrounded by love and support along the way.

Jen and Jeremy (and Braeden too)

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