Jen and Heather


Hi! We’re Jen (left) and Heather (right). Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

We met out at an event where neither of us intended to meet anyone. It was completely unexpected and signaled the beginning of a life together filled with surprises. We met in 2007, got married in 2015, and are very excited about the idea of starting a new adventure as parents. Currently we share our home with 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 bunnies, and 2 ducks. Sometimes it feels a little like living in a petting zoo, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We love the critters and consider them an important part of our family. As we write this letter, we are on our family room couch and Serendipity and Fiddler (cats) are sleeping at our feet and the dogs are snoring away. They’re very supportive.

Professionally, we’re both Operations Managers in the public sector. Jen is in parks and Heather is with a women’s sports league. Devoting time to help others is one of the things we both care deeply about, so it is a big part of our work as well as our play. On our weekends, we volunteer for a gleaning program we started – we collect produce from a farmers market and distribute it to seniors. When confronted with the reality of how many seniors are forced to choose between food and other necessities, like medication, we knew we had to do something. This will be our 7th season, and in that time we’ve given out over 150,000lbs of produce. The program was also the launching point of our Thanksgiving tradition – many of our local friends and family come, along with several volunteers, and we cook a homemade holiday meal at the senior center for 150-200 seniors and houseless people.

In our free time, we enjoy hiking out in the gorge or at the coast; heading out to a restaurant; antiquing our way through Portland, Newberg, and wherever else we wander; and hosting our friends for brunch or weekly Wednesday dinner. Heather is also an aspiring aerialist (the long fabrics that you see in circus acts) and knitter. Jen experiments with roasting coffee and other culinary feats. When we’re able, we like to travel. So far, our favorite places have been Playa del Carmen in Mexico and Whistler in Canada. In the next few years, we hope to take a trip to Peru with two of our close friends (and hopefully a kiddo)!

Having come to the place in our lives where we hope to add “parent” to our many roles, we found our way to open adoption. We strongly value openness as the best option for an adopted child. We also believe that you build your family and it can look like anything you want it to, so adding a birth family along with an adopted child felt like a wonderful opportunity to add to our “chosen family.” It is our greatest hope that we are able to be a part of raising a child that knows where they came from, are proud of their history and upbringing, and knows that all of their family loves them and wants to support them in becoming a happy and successful adult.

Best Wishes,
Jen and Heather
(and all of the fur family)

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