Jen and Duy


Hi! We’re Jen and Duy.

We met at a dance class in 2013, and we’ve been dancing together ever since! Over the years, we’ve made so many great memories together through cooking, traveling, adopting our little pup Ada, and tying the knot in 2016 near the same beach where Duy proposed to Jen. We live in a house not far from Seattle in a neighborhood that has lots of parks, good schools, and fun community events. Our life together is peaceful and happy, yet we’d love to open a new chapter in our lives by adopting and raising a child through open adoption.

Jen’s favorite things include trying new foods, learning about new cultures, and anything that includes animals or being outdoors. Jen’s first career was as a middle school science teacher; she found working with kids to be really rewarding. She later started a small business as a professional positive animal trainer. She absolutely loves her work helping people and their pets, especially rescue dogs, live happily ever after. Jen is outgoing, empathetic, a bit quirky, and always up for trying or learning something new.

Duy’s favorite things include cooking amazing food for people he cares about, spending time with his family, playing games with friends, and music (he plays guitar, piano, and ukulele). Duy works as a software engineer and has flexible hours that allow him to spend a lot of time with loved ones. He likes playing with his many nieces and nephews. Duy is a quiet and thoughtful guy who always sees the bright side of things. Together, Duy and Jen have a warm, stable relationship with plenty of laughter and fun.

Duy always felt that he wanted to be a father, and was delighted about starting a family with Jen, who found that she missed interacting with kids after leaving teaching. When biology had other plans, we began exploring adoption together. We want to nurture a child who is empathetic, kind, and knows that they are deeply loved no matter what. We deeply value helping our child feel genuinely connected to their cultural identity: through our community, through their connection with their birth family, and through the cultural traditions we value and embrace in our home.

We like the concept of open adoption because a child never can have too much love. We believe having a meaningful relationship with their birth family would help our child to better understand themselves. Openness is what’s best for our child, and is also what feels most natural to us. We look forward to staying connected in whatever ways feel best: we’re happy to text, talk on the phone, FaceTime, or visit.

Thanks for reading about us,
Jen and Duy

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