Jeff and Jessica


Hello! We are Jeff and Jessica. Thank you for reading our letter!

We live in Oregon, where Jessica works from home as an event planner in the arts, and her flexible schedule lets her volunteer at a middle school and farmers market. She loves to be surrounded by friends and family, like when we’re playing games on a Friday night or at a party with her cousins and aunts. Travel is one of her passions – she’s visited every continent, and our fridge is covered in magnets from places we’ve been. Jessica loves reading so much she has a library book tattoo. She’s super organized, and is in charge of our shopping lists, finances, and family calendar!

Jeff is a professional musician, and plays the pipe organ and piano. He loves the outdoors and is happiest walking around a campground with binoculars looking for birds or cooking on our camp stove. Jeff can be quiet, but opens up around friends and family and gets super goofy to make our nieces and nephews laugh. Jeff loves cooking different kinds of vegan food from around the world, and frequently makes dinner while blasting reggaeton. He’s enthusiastic about bad disaster movies and sci-fi, and sometimes falls asleep in front of them when Jessica is away.

We make a great team. We’re very supportive of each other and remind each other to pursue our hopes and dreams. Jessica never misses Jeff’s concerts, and Jeff braved a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon for Jessica. When we’re at home we’re almost always in the same room – cooking, playing a game, or hanging out with our two cats.

We’ve been together since 2011 and we’re ready to become parents. We take every opportunity to practice parenting our young niece and nephew who live nearby. We started talking about adoption on our third date, and we’ve had many long talks about it since. Adoption is our first choice. We’re excited about open adoption because we want our child to know where they come from. Family is important to us and we look forward to the chance to know our child’s birth family. Jessica has never known her birth father or anyone in his family, so we want our child to be able to have a relationship with everyone who’s important to them.

We have many hopes and dreams for our child. We want them to learn everything that interests them, pursue their passions, and travel the world. We look forward to family dinners and road trips. We’re excited to welcome a new member of our family, and their birth family, into our lives!


Jeff and Jessica

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