Jason and Lara


Hello! We are Jason and Lara. We have a cat, who we call meow meow or Kat, and a dog, Dusty. We get great enjoyment from our family pets. We look forward to growing our family through open adoption.

We both grew up in Wisconsin and are devoted Green Bay Packer fans! In 2013, Lara found Jason on a dating app. Jason wasn’t sure that Lara was prepared for life at her young age, but her maturity shined through her profile and he asked her on a date. Our first date was at a park where we walked along a trail and talked about everything, ranging from our careers, to where we saw ourselves in five years and beyond. After learning we had so much in common, and building our relationship on honesty and open communication, we decided to get married fifteen months later at the same park as our first date. To this day, we share the connection that we established over five years ago and we look forward to learn and grow together as parents.

For fun, we enjoy getting outside. We love walking the dog, hiking, kayaking, roller blading, biking and camping! Individually, Jason enjoys hunting, fishing, taking pictures and learning about animals. Lara has a passion for being creative – including do-it-yourself home décor and designing birthday invitations, jigsaw puzzles and cooking/baking for her family. Since the beginning, our relationship has been built on honesty and trust. We’ve shared new cultures – by opening our home to the cultural student exchange program, vacations and countless mountain views together. Most importantly, we’ve been each other’s support system and biggest fan. Since relocating from the Midwest, building our Washington family has been very important to us and we look forward to continuing to grow our family here through open adoption

We live about forty-five minutes from Seattle in a quiet neighborhood. Lara is a Business Analyst for a smaller company – she loves her job and the flexibility the company provides. She works in the city three days a week and from home the remainder of the time. Jason is a phlebotomist, but his true passion lies in photography. His dream is to be a stay at home father with a side hustle in photography.

We have always wanted to be parents but learned shortly into our relationship we were unable to grow our family traditionally. While exploring other options, we found our values to align with open adoption. In addition to our child knowing their birthparents, we envision creating a relationship with our child’s birthparents that feels like extended family. We look forward to celebrating birthdays and holidays together, in addition to creating new traditions with our child’s birthparents and extended birth family. Additionally, we look forward to sharing our love for the outdoors, desire to learn and the ability to appreciate the little things with our child. Jason can’t wait to share his passion of science, hunting and nature while Lara is excited to share her creativity and math skills.

We’ve been called son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt and uncle, but we can’t wait to be called Mom and Dad!

With gratitude,
Jason and Lara

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