Jason and Lara



Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family, we are Jason and Lara, along with our dog and cat, Dusty and Rudy. We met online in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2013. Our first date was at a park where we walked along a trail and talked about everything, ranging from our careers, to where we saw ourselves in five years and beyond. After learning we had so much in common, and building our relationship on honesty and open communication, we decided to get married fifteen months later at the same park as our first date. When we lived in Wisconsin we spent a lot of time with Lara’s family and Jason’s grandmother, who lived locally. We enjoyed spending holidays, birthdays and every other day in-between laughing and making memories with the ones we love. We both have a few close friends, and we value these relationships as though they were our family.

We are both passionate about our work. For the past two years, Lara has worked as a data analyst providing clients with business insights. Lara loves learning and being challenged, but also loves teaching and helping her colleagues improve their work. Her career progressed and she accepted a promotion that relocated us from Wisconsin to the Pacific Northwest in early 2015. Despite being far from family and close friends, we immediately fell in love with all that Washington has to offer, which led to Lara to start a new job as an account manager for a digital marketing firm. Jason has tried multiple careers including pest control, office furniture installation, and oil analysis, to find where his passion lies. During the past three years, Jason found his calling in the health field as a phlebotomist at a primary care clinic. Jason enjoys using his sense of humor to make an uncomfortable experience for patients more relaxing and enjoyable.

Outside of work, Lara enjoys relaxing, watching her favorite television shows such as NCIS, Heartland, and Scandal, and staying connected with friends and family on the phone and Skype. Lara also enjoys planning surprises for Jason. One example being our first Thanksgiving together, Jason couldn’t make Lara’s family dinner because he had to work. Lara knew he was disappointed so she planned another family dinner. She cooked a meal, which Jason thought was just for the two of them, but when Lara called for him to come eat her family was standing in the kitchen waiting for him! Lara has been a long time bowler (since age five), an activity Jason picked up when they started dating. Jason’s interests include walks with Dusty, shooting archery, and watching nature shows or action movies. As a couple we enjoy staying physically active by going on walks, working out, and doing many outdoor activities. Some of our favorite activities include hiking, biking, and roller blading. Most importantly we value spending time cooking together and enjoying meals free from electronics and distractions.

We have always wanted to be parents but learned shortly into our relationship we were unable to grow our family traditionally. While exploring other options, we found our values to align with open adoption. In addition to our child knowing their birthparents, we envision creating a relationship with our child’s birthparents, like that of extended family members. We look forward to celebrating birthdays and holidays together, in addition to creating new traditions with our child’s birthparents and extended birth family. We are excited to share everyday activities with our child, Jason teaching him or her about nature, and Lara helping with homework. Additionally, we want our child to know they are loved unconditionally from the beginning, and we look forward to being called mom and dad.

We wish you all the best,

Jason and Lara

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