Jasmine and Jon



We are Jasmine and Jon.

We met on a blind coffee date, set up by our parents. Jasmine thought Jon was funny, and he still makes her laugh more than any other human. We spent two years dating, which consisted of chasing down all of the new pizza and taco shops in town. Jon tried to teach Jasmine to snowboard, Jasmine baked Jon what is now his favorite blueberry pie, and we played lots of cards with our families We got married in the middle of a vineyard in 2001, and we continue to celebrate our anniversary every year with a weekend getaway. We bonded over our love
for our perfectly imperfect families early on in our relationship. In fact, our mothers play cards every Friday, and we celebrate holidays and birthdays with our combined families. Our families have given us a sense of connection, community, and support, and we’d love to share those same values with our own child.

We love to play games, probably because we love to compete. Cards and 80’s/90’s trivial pursuit are our specialties. Jon is an excellent cook and would eat pasta every night if he could. He’s determined to make Jasmine his tennis partner, but Jasmine’s busy listening to podcasts and riding her exercise bike with equal obsession. We love a post-dinner walk with Charley in our neighborhood, which is full of the most beautiful tree lined streets. In the summer we often walk to the park so Charley can run around with other dogs while we have a picnic. We feel like we won the lottery with our neighbors. They are always up for a porch meet up, and we close the street down for a summer block party.

Jon works in sales for a technology company and Jasmine owns her own interior design firm. We have a 4-year-old Labradoodle named Charley who thinks she’s the boss of us. Both of us have east coast roots. Jon’s parents are from New York, and Jasmine grew up in Massachusetts, but miraculously both of our parents moved to Oregon.We think it’s so we could eventually meet! We’ve lived here for 20 years, and Portland is where we feel most at home.

We started trying to have a child 15 years ago, through both natural and medical efforts, and embrace that our family unit is not going to be the biological kind. Our oldest friends introduced us to open adoption when they adopted a little boy 4 years ago in Seattle. We’ve observed their adoption experience and feel strongly that this is also meant to be our family picture. We are committed to forging a relationship with our child’s birth family and we look forward to watching our child develop their own connection with you from the very beginning. We understand that life often brings you unexpected joy amidst all the messiness. We are holding a place in our hearts for whomever we are meant to love and nurture and call our own, and we are counting the days to meet him or her.Charley is too.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our story with you! Jasmine, Jon & Charley

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