Jared and Kami


Hello – We are Jared and Kami!

So here we are!  This is us, Mr. Organized and Mrs. Spontaneous.  Although Jared is a planner and Kami likes to “fly by the seat of her pants”, we complement each other well.  That whole saying about opposites attracting really is true for us!  We never thought we’d be here, but we’re so excited to be on this journey and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you!

We met each other purely by chance at an Irish pub in 2010.  Jared was immediately struck by Kami’s smile and after some encouragement from friends, worked up the courage to talk to her.  We completely hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.  We married in 2013.  From the beginning, we have felt a deep connection with each other and with each other’s families.  We joke that our families like our partners better than they like us! We never experienced any of the awkwardness or reservations couples sometimes go through when getting to know their partner’s family members.  It was like we had all known each other for years.  Family is at the center of our lives and is always our first priority.

Kami is spontaneous, eternally optimistic, and enthusiastic about all the world has to offer. Jared is “the planner”.  He prefers to be organized and methodical, but also enjoys the freedom of spontaneity.  Both of us are outgoing, but we also value down time together or with a few close friends.  We enjoy hiking, camping, exploring the pacific NW and visiting friends and family.  We’ve also recently discovered a passion for weightlifting and working out together, so living a healthy and active lifestyle is a big part of our lives.  Humor is very important in our relationship and we often keep each other entertained with cheesy jokes and silly puns that completely crack us up, but most people would probably roll their eyes at.  It’s not uncommon for Kami to be in the other room and for her to hear Jared making up some goofy song about whatever it is that he’s doing.  Some of our favorite times together are spent with our nieces and nephews.  Kami used to do “date day” every Tuesday with her niece.  On date day, Kami would pick her niece up from Kindergarten, go for hot chocolate, and then find something fun to do around town such as a trip to the zoo, children’s museum, OMSI, painting pottery, ice skating, or a trip to the bookstore since her niece loves books.

We feel lucky that our schedules allow us to trade off stay-at-home parenting.  Kami works as a nurse in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  She has loved taking care of other people’s babies for the last 16 years, but she can’t wait to take care of her own baby and fulfill her dream of becoming a mom.  Jared enjoys his job as a technician at a popular technology company.  We are fortunate that Kami is able to work 2 days per week with a flexible schedule and Jared works a compressed schedule that allows him to work 3 to 4 days per week.  We live in a townhouse with several parks and walking trails nearby, just on the edge of Portland, in an excellent school district.  We love living in a townhouse because we don’t have to maintain the exterior, which allows us more time to do all the things we love!

Our journey of becoming parents has not been without its challenges, but we are ecstatic that we have chosen open adoption.  Not only do we get to become parents, but we get the chance to welcome a birth family into our family.  Being able to give a child the best of both worlds by having two families with unconditional love and support is something we are honored to be a part of.  Both of us and our families thrive because of the love we have for one another and we would be delighted to share that with you.  We are humbled by your consideration and thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

Jared and Kami

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