Janne and Janne



We are Janne A on the left and Janne H on the right! As you can probably guess by our names, our background lies across the Atlantic Ocean. We are both from Finland, one of the small but happy Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe. Work brought us to Seattle a few years back, and we are now happily permanent residents of the United States! We live close to downtown Seattle in a fun urban neighborhood. Seattle feels similar to Finland with its beautiful forests, water and mountains nearby, which has made it easy to feel at home here. We love our lives in the Pacific Northwest and are glad to be putting down roots here as we hope to grow our family through open adoption.

We live together with our two French Bulldogs, Pentti and Ritva. They are named after two grand old stars of Finnish black and white cinema, which felt somehow fitting for Frenchies. Not a day goes by without us telling this story to someone on the street asking to pet our dogs. Like us, they have quite unique personalities, but they complement each other and get along very well together.

We met nine years ago in Finland on a snowy December evening for a cup of coffee that turned into a six-day first date and eventually, a lifetime together as we got married two and a half years ago here in Seattle. While we differ in some ways, we balance each other out and bring out the best in each other. Janne A is more of the organizer and logistics guy, and Janne H brings the more emotional, caring side to our partnership. We share a love for many things in life, including traveling, good food, and movies. We’ve travelled the world together, living, working and studying in different countries before deciding to settle down here in Seattle. As we are now in a good, solid place in life, we feel this would be a perfect time for us to become parents.

Like our dogs, we love being active but also love to relax for good balance. Janne H is serious about being healthy at the gym while Janne A would rather spend his time hiking in the nearby mountains. Our younger dog, Ritva, has turned into quite the hiker as well, even if you wouldn’t expect that from a Frenchie. In the winter, you can truly see our Scandinavian spirit as we both love to ski, and there’s plenty of opportunities for winter sports around Seattle. We are also frequent users of our National Park pass both in the wilderness and in landmarks across the U.S. Most recently we visited the St. Louis Gateway Arch. We’ve set ourselves a challenge to visit all fifty states, with Missouri having the honor of becoming number 24!

We dare say we are super social and love to spend time with our friends and families both here and overseas. Our extended family members are quite regular visitors here in Seattle and we love to host and explore the Pacific Northwest with them. While we are excited to travel and introduce our child to the world, we also will show him or her the importance of family, friends and a sense of home here. Having an open adoption is important to us, as we want our child to be able to see the whole picture of his or her family and roots. We are also very excited about the possibility of embracing their birth family as our own extended family. We would be glad to get to know you!

With Love,

Janne and Janne (and Pentti and Ritva)

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