Jaime and Ian


Hi, we are Jaime (on the left) & Ian (on the right)!

After meeting on the internet, (we’re talking dial up), 13 years ago, and after dating and creating a life together, were married in 2014. Ian is drawn to Jaime’s lively and outgoing personality, and cute smile, and Jaime loves Ian’s positive and approachable nature. Our personalities are complimentary – Jaime always comes up with an amazing plan and vision, and Ian is great with logistics and execution. The balance we offer one another came in handy when planning our wedding, and continues to work well when coordinating trips and social events with friends and family. We should also mention, we share our home with our fur family as well – two dogs named Taiyo and Chulo, and cat named Max – whom we love dearly!

We both work in technology. Ian’s job supports a fashion retailer, and Jaime’s is within a travel software provider. Both of our jobs are flexible and we plan to take time off together when our little one (or two) comes home. When it’s time to go back to work, we plan to work shortened weeks and will have the support of either a nanny, daycare, or with grandma (Ian’s mom).

When not working, or at the gym, we are happiest spending time with loved ones – whether sharing a meal or traveling together locally or internationally. We have built a life together that’s active, exciting, and fulfilling, and above all we value and cherish the strong relationships we maintain with our respective families. We especially love playing with our nephews who are six years and three months old, and try to see them once a week.

We can’t wait to start a family and become dads. Plus, Ian has been storing up lame dad jokes for quite some time that he can’t wait to share with our kids! We both come from families with adoptees of open and closed adoptions – so adoption felt like the right fit for us when we considered options. It’s important for us to know that our child could know and develop long lasting relationships with their birth parents and extended families through an open adoption. As an interracial couple, we understand the importance of being connected to your cultural heritage and it is our intention to honor and cultivate our child’s connection to their ethnic or cultural identity. If our child comes from a background different from our own, we will take whatever steps necessary for us to learn so that we can effectively support our child with love, compassion, and understanding.

We plan to give our child every opportunity we can to pursue their passions – whether trying out for sports (even though we’re not very good), learn a language, play a musical instrument, read lots of books (Ian’s already started a kid’s book collection at home), etc. We want to share our passion for life, new experiences, and commitment to family. Our family and friends are so excited to be there for us as our family grows, and to welcome our child’s birth family. Our child will have no shortage of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and other extended family to shower them with love and affection. We look forward to getting to know our child’s birth family and learning how we can be there for one another as our child grows.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us, we wish you all the best!

Ian & Jaime (Taiyo, Chulo, & Max)