Jack and Danette


Hello, we are Jack and Danette. We live in Western Washington with our 12-year-old dog Little Bit and our 3-year-old cat Romy. After eight years of marriage, we are excited to begin our open adoption journey and look forward to growing our family.

When we met in 2004, we felt an instant connection. Communicating felt easy for us and we loved sharing time together. After several years of dating we would often spend hours talking about our future dreams, which included marriage, creating a home together, and parenthood. On July 17, 2009, we were married in Lake Tahoe, California, and celebrated this with family and close friends.

Jack is a hard worker and takes great pride in providing for his family. As a Social Worker for Washington State, he determines the necessary care for patients discharging from nursing homes and supports them with their transition home. Jack is very passionate about making sure his patients receive the care they deserve. In addition, he works part-time as a security guard at a local community college. Danette is also dedicated to helping people who are in need. As a Program Manager for Washington State, she works in a health and safety program coordinating services for clients who have mental health and substance abuse issues. We work well together as a team and share a similar approach to life, which helps with managing our three rental homes that we own, and as we think ahead to parenting together.

Jack grew up in Olympia, Washington as an only child. An amazing single mom raised him, along with support from her parents. Jack remains very close with his mom and grandfather (recently widowed), who was like a father to him growing up. He appreciates spending time with his grandfather each week; sharing lunch and helping with things like mowing his lawn. Jack also loves sports and being active. He played baseball in college on a scholarship, and continues to play on several softball teams. He is enthusiastic about fitness, goes to the gym regularly, plays in a basketball league, and is part of a bowling league. Jack enjoys music, especially Garth Brooks and 80’s Hair Bands.

Danette was born in Billings, Montana and moved to Washington when she was 11 years old; she has one brother and her parents are still together. She loves cooking and baking, and has fun looking for new recipes on Pinterest, which Jack is always up for trying, and she is known around her office for her sweet treats. Danette loves reading (especially Jodi Picoult and James Patterson novels), movies, animals, and anything Cirque du Soleil. She likes 90’s R&B/hip hop (her favorite artist is Joss Stone), stand-up comedy, and working in her vegetable garden, which gets bigger every year. Danette also enjoys local plays, musicals, and dance. She attends the Nut Cracker every year with her mom and long-time friend.

As a close-knit family, our mothers have offered to provide in-home care for our child when we are at work, and we plan to each adjust our work schedules to have more time at home with our child as well. Danette’s mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces live close by. We enjoy watching our nieces grow and being an active part of their lives. Jack’s mom and step-dad live nearby and are also very excited about becoming grandparents.

We will encourage our child to pursue their individual interests whether it be the arts, sports, theatre, or music. We value education, hard work, kindness, acceptance, honesty, respect, and dignity in all aspects of our life, and hope to instill these values in our child. We believe openness is best for everyone involved and look forward to building a close and lasting relationship with our child’s birth family.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. We wish you the best in your journey.

Jack and Danette

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