Hunter and Aaron


Hello there!

We are Hunter and Aaron and we’re excited to introduce ourselves. We live in Seattle with our two cats and a dog. After a great deal of reflection and introspection, we now feel ready to expand our family and welcome a child into our home. The concept of chosen family has always been important to us as a gay couple which is why open adoption really speaks to us; we look forward to sharing whatever kind of relationship our child’s birth family chooses to have with us.

We have been inseparable since we met in graduate school in Boston ten years ago, and have always kept the door open to having children. We are happy and settled in our careers, and are ready for this next adventure. Hunter is in technology and Aaron works in higher education. Our careers fit our personalities well. Aaron brings his empathy and passion for social justice to his work with college students while Hunter’s analytical mind is perfect for solving puzzles in his code. Hunter is a blend of silly and sarcastic while Aaron tends towards dry humor and wit. We have set down roots in Seattle and are ready to grow our life here. We have a great neighborhood and home for Aaron to develop his green thumb, Hunter to practice make the perfect pizza dough, and for us both to get riled up around the dining room table while playing board games. We can’t wait to see what hobbies our child develops of their own and hope they are a reflection of all the people, birth family included, who raised them. We are enthusiastic about raising our child to be a part of the diverse community around us. We hope our child’s birth family will want to be included in our lives as well.

While buying a house made it feel official, it’s our friends who really make us feel at home in our community. As we have talked about our journey to adoption with friends, they have already shown what sort of extended family our future child will have. They have listened empathically as we explained why open adoption shares the values we want to bring to raising a child, like the importance of honesty and transparency. Our friends can see the excitement we have knowing our family will grow in more ways than one when it comes to our child and their birth family. There is an immense sense of support and a true feeling of extended family bubbling up from the people we’ve come to love in Seattle.

Outside of Seattle, the families that raised us are also ready with open arms for our adoption. Aaron comes from a large family in California, while Hunter comes from a small one in Florida. We have nieces and nephews who eagerly await welcoming another cousin to the mix. Both sets of our parents are enthusiastic about a future grandchild, and Hunter’s mom even plans to move in with us for a time to help take care of a little one when the time comes.

We share a love of education and learning and hope to pass this on to our child. We value compassion, creativity, and empathy. We can’t wait to share these values with our child and hope they can use them to craft their own unique expression of who they are. In the spirit of open adoption, we hope our child’s birth family plays an active role in who our child becomes.

Thanks for reading,
Aaron and Hunter (and Bobo, Danny, and Midna)

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