Hilary and Sawyer


We’re Hilary and Sawyer, living in Portland with our hilarious, muppet-like dog, Gustavo. We respect the decision you are considering and appreciate your taking time to learn a bit about us. We met in 2009 through a mutual friend. Over the course of our first dates we discovered many common interests and intentions—cooking, playing instruments, growing food—and having a family!

Hilary is from a close northwest family with a sense of public service and adventure. They lived outside the US for several years during her youth and she learned people have vastly more in common than their differences, and that every connection is a learning opportunity. She’s a mixture of tender-hearted optimist and playfully irreverent lover of everything silly and ridiculous! To her, humor is a powerful medicine. An artistic soul from birth, her work in nonprofits has always been about making the world more creative, equitable and connected.

Sawyer is from the Bay Area, though he’s lived in the northwest since college. His early love of science morphed from the essential (physics) to a way he can help people every day. As a doctor, he’s developed a deep respect for the dignity of people in all walks of life. His calm, deliberate demeanor is balanced out by sly humor that catches you by surprise. Testaments to his internal world are the dozens of half-read books on many subjects scattered throughout our home.

As a couple, we value kindness to fellow humans and animals (possible exception: bugs) and cherish our relationship to the natural world and to our communities. Besides outside time, we also spend time reading, watching movies, enjoying music, travel and gathering to cook and laugh with family and friends. We’re committed to a path of lifelong curiosity and openness-—in mind and heart, and we create strong connections with others. This includes those with different values, cultures and worldviews than our own.

Open Adoption’s child-centered principles really struck a chord with us in how they serve a child’s dignity and sense of self. Our hope is to participate in a family constellation where all are valued and everyone belongs. So we’re really interested in who you are, too! We believe love creates families, and children thrive from having many different relationships in their experience of a loving world.

As people, we are both affectionate and authentic, and look forward to a warm family life that integrates structure with plenty of room for spontaneous fun. While we strive for a light-hearted approach to parenting, we solemnly believe there is no more important job in the world. We want to be emotionally available, loving and unflaggingly supportive parents—and we’ll work on it every day.

We’re beyond excited to bring a child into our lives. Thank you for reading our letter. We wish you a wonderful outcome for you and your child!

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