Heather and Will


Hi! We are Heather and Will.

We live in a Seattle neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, and full of friendly people. Heather is a project manager and Will is a civil engineer. We currently both work from home and enjoy preparing and eating nearly every meal together. We also spend lots of quality time hanging out with our two cats, Katze and Allen. We spend our evenings walking around the neighborhood, pulling weeds in the garden, drinking tea, or chatting with friends and family. We might also unwind to a TV show, audiobook, or podcast.

Our relationship began with a conversation in 2015 at a friend’s birthday. We started hanging out, and never really stopped. Will proposed 14 months later in Mozambique, and we got married in 2017 in Maryland.

One of the strengths in our relationship from the beginning has been talking openly about anything and everything. We talk about places we want to explore, share memories from our lives before we met, emotionally support each other through family losses and infertility, constantly try to make each other laugh, and analyze our life choices. Sometimes we just make up songs in the kitchen based on what we’re making for dinner.

We enjoy time together, but also value pursuing our own hobbies and interests. Heather likes to decompress by doing yoga, meditating, watching mindless television while doing craft projects like coloring books and cross-stitching. Will spends time being outside and completing small projects like building planter boxes and garden walls. He also likes to play softball and ultimate Frisbee, go for hikes, and explore new neighborhoods on his bike.

We have discovered how much we have in common even though we come from such different backgrounds. Will was raised culturally Jewish in a tight-knit community of family and friends outside of Washington, D.C. Heather grew up outside of Portland, Oregon, agnostic, and independent from a young age. We connected around similar life experiences and goals that we share, including our desire to become parents together. We both lived abroad as teachers (Heather in Korea and Will in Mozambique), and hope to find an opportunity to live and work abroad again, an experience we would be very excited to share with our child.

Heather is both creative and someone who gets things done. She looks forward to coming up with games and activities to make everyday tasks fun and inclusive with our child. Her empathy and problem-solving abilities will support our child as they navigate life’s challenges. Will is a talker, idealist, and supportive listener. He will engage our child in conversations on whatever excites them and will model respectfully engaging with all kinds of people. He looks forward to teaching about creative expression and being resourceful through gardening and tinkering. We can’t wait to see what kinds of bridges and tiny towns will rise up in our backyard.

Raising children has been part of our conversations since day one, and we are excited by the opportunity to build our family through an open adoption. Openness in adoption appeals to us because it is built on community and transparency, and can provide everyone with different perspectives, ideas, and life skills that complement our own as parents. We also value that open adoption provides children with a greater sense of belonging to a larger family network. We look forward to expanding our family to include our child’s birth family in whatever ways are comfortable for them.

Will & Heather

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