Heather and Will


Hi! We are Heather and Will.

We currently live in Seattle in a beautiful, diverse, and friendly neighborhood. Heather is a VR product manager and Will is a civil engineer and diplomat for the US Government. We both work from home and enjoy taking walks, gardening and cooking delicious meals together in our free time. We also love playing with our cats, listening to podcasts and hanging out with friends in our backyard.

Will’s job as a Foreign Service Officer with USAID is about to set us on an exciting and unique adventure living abroad. Our family (including our cats, Katze and Allen) will be temporarily relocating to Washington, D.C. for a training program. Beginning around August 2023, we’ll be assigned to a foreign post in another country where we will live. Once we are abroad, Heather is planning to parent full-time while Will continues working. It feels very important to us to maintain a connection with our future child’s birth family and we are committed to building a strong relationship through open adoption no matter where we are in the world.

Our journey together began with a conversation at a friend’s birthday in 2015. We started hanging out, and never really stopped. Will proposed 14 months later in Mozambique, and we got married in 2017 in Maryland. Open and honest communication is a strength in our relationship. We talk about places we want to explore, share memories from our lives before we met, emotionally support each other, analyze our life choices, and constantly try to make each other laugh. Sometimes we just make up songs in the kitchen based on what we’re making for dinner.

We have discovered how much we have in common even though we come from such different backgrounds. Will was raised culturally Jewish in a tight-knit community of family and friends outside of Washington D.C. Heather grew up outside of Portland, Oregon, agnostic, and independent from a young age. We connected around similar life experiences and goals that we share, including our desire to become parents together. We both lived abroad as teachers (Heather in Korea and Will in Mozambique) and are looking forward to this new adventure of living in a new country together while doing meaningful work. While we don’t know which country we’ll be living in, we are both comfortable embracing the uncertain adventure in front of us.

As a parent, Heather looks forward to coming up with games and activities to make everyday tasks fun and inclusive with our child. Will is eager to engage our child in conversations and explore the world outside. We will teach them about creative expression and resourcefulness through playing and tinkering, excited to see what kinds of tiny worlds will be created in our living room (wherever it may be!). We are excited to show our child how wide of a world we live in, exposing them to different cultures, languages, and people.

Even though we will be physically apart from our child’s birth family, the pandemic has reminded us how to make the world feel smaller and how to nurture connections with people we love. We look forward to weaving our child’s birth family together with ours – through texts, video chats, emails, pictures, phone calls, and letter while we are far away, and through visits together when we come back home. We envision our open adoption being built on inclusion, community and conversation, immersing our child in their full story.

Heather & Will

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