Heather and Eric


Dear expectant parent(s),

We are Heather, Eric, and Aven, an overly-educated biologist, eccentric inventor, and loving hopeful big sister that are sincerely looking forward to meeting, feeding, and learning from you.

Our friends know us as the nerdy smart couple that fill your pantry with jam and give out technological advice. On our first date, we went to Ethiopian food where Eric tested Heather’s willingness to share food; for the second, we went for a long hike with the dog; the third was spent at the OMSI science museum playing with logic puzzles. And, that’s pretty much how life has continued ever since. Our relationship is based on the fact that we have utmost respect for each other and trust in each others abilities (plus, Eric laughs at Heather’s jokes).

Eric is the nicest, most intelligent man you will ever meet (so says Heather). His work ethic and knowledge base are practically legendary, yet he gladly spends hours playing games, building forts, and cuddling in front of our 3D printer with Aven. Heather’s passion and enthusiasm (tempered by a spunky cynicism) drives many of our projects such as the garden and the natural playground, yet she also loves to spend mellow days by the river reading a good book. Heather loves a good snuggle, animals or children; she has taught all of her friends to hug. Aven is our champion back scratcher, berry picker, and cuddler (notice a theme?).

We live in a neighborhood north of Portland that thinks being snowed in is a great excuse to have a sledding potluck; where eagles fish, owls learn to fly, and beaver work in view of our bedroom. The city is close, but we live a very rural lifestyle. We mostly eat off of our farm and we want our children to know the sweetness of a winter carrot and the warmth of a fresh laid egg.

We are so ready for another child, Aven especially wants a sibling. We both have flexible schedules; Eric with his own company and Heather in academia. We feel lucky that this adaptability allows us to trade off stay-at-home parenting. Adoption has always been part of our plan. Heather has dreamed of adoption since childhood and has a sister by sperm donation in a relationship similar to an open adoption. Unofficial adoption of immigrant families and Thanksgiving strays was an important part of Eric’s life growing up. For us, building our family in this way is an obvious choice.

Our families are very excited, as are we, about open adoption. After her adoption through OA&FS in 2016, Aven’s birth family has blissfully joined ours, seams and all. We collectively welcome you with open arms (we did warn you about the hugs). Open adoption seems to us to be the only ethical option, one that treats you and the child with respect and that allows us to grow our family in an exponential way.

We would love to invite you to our table and into our lives,
Heather, Eric & Aven

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