Hanako and Marko


Hi, we are Hanako and Marko. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter!

Our story together began in 2006 when we met at the farmer’s market where we were both working. We quickly grew a deep connection and were married the following year. One year after that, we started our own organic vegetable farm which has grown into a very successful small business. Our farm is both our livelihood and our home, and we feel so lucky that we get to be together almost every day. We work hard, but because we are self-employed, we have the flexibility to create our own schedules and we are excited that our child will be with one or both of us at all times during their early years.

Our home is a cozy house on thirty acres in a small town on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, surrounded on two sides by mountains, close to rivers, beaches, forests and supportive neighbors, and less than a mile from our town and local school. We love where we live and feel fortunate to wake up here every day!

Hanako was raised in a loving, mixed race, bilingual and bicultural family, as her mother emigrated to the States from Japan as an adult. Hanako remains fluent in Japanese and loves to cook as much Japanese food as possible. Her favorite things to do include caring for people and animals, growing plants and food, knitting, sewing, cooking and baking. Marko grew up working in his family’s bakery business, but went on to pursue other careers, which eventually led to farming. He loves kayaking the Puget Sound, playing bass guitar with his metal band, and tending the farm’s fruit and nut tree orchard. Between the two of us, we have the skills to build, grow, fix and make a wide range of things!

Every Sunday we go for long walks either in the forest or by the river with our dogs, Franny and Lollo. This is one of our favorite things to do together. We love spending time at home, too. Cooking, sharing meals with friends, reading, watching movies and drinking coffee also rank very high on our list of things we enjoy. We sometimes take trips to the city (Seattle) and love soaking up all that the urban world has to offer.

Our families are very important to us. Our journey to become parents has not been easy, but they have supported us during our hardest times, and they are all ready to stand alongside us to welcome a new child and their birth parents into our family with unconditional love.

Open adoption feels incredibly right to us. We feel that the relationship between a child and their birthparents is at the core of everyone’s well-being. The respect, courage and kindness present in open adoption parallels the values we hope to extend to our child and their birth family as we travel down this wonderful path of becoming adoptive parents. We have so much love to give!

We wish you the very best.
Hanako and Marko

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