Gretchen and Dave



We are Gretchen, Dave and Nola. Nola is our spunky little daughter who we adopted through OA&FS in the summer of 2015, and who is the light of our lives. Here we are for a second time around in hopes of growing our family and making Nola a big sister.

We could not have anticipated just how transformative open adoption can be. Not only has Nola enriched our lives, but her birthmother and her family have as well. They live about an hour from us and in addition to getting together every few months, we keep in close touch with pictures and texts. Nola is surrounded by more love than we could have imagined. We opened our hearts and our minds with the help of OA&FS and
are excited to make another meaningful connection.

We are both teachers, runners, and lovers of the outdoors and nature. This is what brought us together and it is the glue that binds us as we approach 9 years of marriage. We both grew up in the Midwest in families of 4 and were drawn out to Washington State for the bounty of opportunities to immerse ourselves in nature. We work hard during the school year and then take time to pursue our passions in our time off. We enjoy racing and compete in long distance running, trail races, and triathlons. While we do less racing than we used to, we still keep active, but now with the joy of introducing Nola to this amazing world. Camping, hiking and traveling have become even more rewarding as shared family experiences. We usually try to get to the sunny Southwest for our Spring Break and then take camping or backpacking excursions to Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park or nearby islands throughout the summer. Nola adores the beach, has camped with us all her life and is eager to be outside any chance she gets. Amongst her first words were “hiking” and “outside” which melted our hearts.

As individuals, we balance one another out well. Dave is a mellow, ambitious, sports-loving, optimist. He has a gift of seeing the good in every person and situation. Gretchen can be described as creative, outgoing, and spontaneous; always ready for the next adventure. She is silly, yet practical. We’re both good at living in the moment, which only helps us as parents and teachers.

We live in a quiet neighborhood in a diverse urban area. The schools we work at host children of numerous ethnicities and races. Gretchen has always loved languages and while she majored in French, she is able to use her Spanish skills even more as she communicates with her students’ families. From our house we enjoy having Thai, Vietnamese or Mexican food within walking distance. Kids are often playing outside along with dog walkers and bike riders.

Our journey to become parents has been a long one, but it has made us appreciate parenting and each milestone all the more. We know you come here with a story and a journey as well. This process can create a new path and a new journey that benefits all.

With optimism,
Gretchen, Dave and Nola

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