Geoff and Juliette


Hi there!

We’re Geoff and Juliette. We’re an active couple who seek to live life to the fullest through joy, laughter, friendship, and adventure. We’re not the types that leave a vacation early to do laundry on a Sunday afternoon. Instead, we’ll be finishing up a hike or floating on a tube in a lake until sunset. We treasure the small things in life like evening walks with our dog Nia through our neighborhood rose garden and weekend mornings at home with pancakes and coffee. We like to be there for friends in times of need and have happily jumped in to help in any way, morning or night.

We both grew up in Virginia, attended the same architecture school, and had brief stints in Colorado prior to settling in the Pacific Northwest. But we didn’t cross paths until linked through OKCupid in 2011. Juliette found Geoff’s profile and thought he sounded like a nice and caring guy, who loved children and wanted to be a Dad, sharing her desire for a family. Plus, he was interested in so many of the same things- from bicycling and camping, to art and design. So she asked him out. Geoff was impressed with Juliette’s sweet disposition and boundless creativity. Our first date flowed with ease and the rest was, well, history.

Throughout our relationship, we’ve shared many wonderful experiences and been there for each other through hardships. We have loved climbing Cascade volcanoes, teaching each other new things like snowboarding, and riding our bikes across Oregon. We have been on adventures to Hawaii and Alaska and honeymooned in France and Rome. We’ve also supported each other through family illnesses and the caregiving they require, the deaths of loved ones, and the loss of multiple pregnancies. We agree, both the ups and downs, have made us stronger as a team. They have also made us appreciate our families more and increased our excitement about starting one of our own.

We live in a quiet residential neighborhood a short bike ride from downtown where we both work as architects. Geoff’s fantasy career is to become a film-maker and he loves capturing everyday life through photography. He’s our in-house handyman who lead our bathroom remodel and keeps our bikes tuned and cars running. Juliette thinks Geoff is the rock in our relationship- solid, even keeled, and a good listener. Juliette dapples in yoga and Zen, is an occasional karaoke singer, and loves crafting homegoods. She’s the pastry chef and vacation planner, setting travel deadlines and keeping us stocked with cookies and granola. Geoff thinks Juliette is a compassionate, caring, and adventurous partner.

We’re pumped to become parents so we may help a tiny being learn the ropes of life. We look forward to remembering what it was like to be kids through the process. Juliette is excited to have a buddy to color with, makes things out of playdough, and help foster his or her own sense of creativity. Geoff can’t wait to teach our child to ride a bicycle and go on outings to the playground and beyond. Adoption feels like our calling and a natural fit. We both look forward to sharing this experience with you so that our child will always know who they are and that they are loved by many.

Warm wishes,
Geoff and Juliette

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