Garret and Elisabeth


Hi! We’re Garret and Elisabeth. We are beyond excited to start this journey as parents and welcome new members into our family through an open adoption.

Since moving to Seattle for college, we have formed deep roots here. We met in 2012 and officially started dating after one summer evening with mutual friends, listening to live music, stealing shy glances and dancing. At the time, we were beginning our dream careers: Elisabeth as a nurse practitioner and Garret as an air traffic controller. We married in the fall of 2015 and a year later purchased a home in Seattle. Aspects that keep our relationship strong are a commitment to being kind and a willingness to compromise. Our partnership is grounded in being thoughtful, listening and encouraging self-compassion in each other. We feel settled and secure in our relationship and community, and ready to embrace a child as they learn to navigate the world while we rediscover and appreciate life more through our child’s eyes.

Elisabeth grew up in a small town in western Montana for part of her childhood and appreciates the characteristics of her rural upbringing- friendliness, quiet spaces and the beauty of nature. Her work as a nurse practitioner with adults with memory conditions is enormously rewarding. Elisabeth enjoys hearing people’s stories and helping to make their lives a little better through good medicine and treating patients with compassion. Garret is a city guy through and through. He grew up in the Bay Area but moved to Olympia as a teenager. Even so, he is drawn to the tranquility of the mountains and the serenity of the surrounding waters. His job as an air traffic controller is a dream come true. Garret has loved airplanes since he was little and is grateful for the chance to pursue his passion while making a living. Helping others and working to keep them safe is immensely gratifying for him.

We cherish the diversity of cultures and communities in Seattle and love exploring new foods and experiences together. Elisabeth enjoys researching recipes from around the world and spending hours trying to cook authentic dishes from scratch. Garret enjoys being creative and improvising in the kitchen. At times, Garret can be obsessed with dumplings while Elisabeth enjoys the ritual of tea-making almost as much as she loves drinking it. Our days are spent discussing current events or what we’re reading lately, listening to public radio or music, and hanging out with family and friends- often for celebrations involving meals together. We stay active playing tennis, walking in our neighborhood and bicycling. We look forward to sharing in these activities and are excited to explore new ones that our child will be drawn to. We want to pass on our values of being good citizens and neighbors, being active, enjoying healthy food, and maintaining close connections to others.

We believe that in open adoptions, every person brings unique value to the relationship. Openness allows adopted children access to their story from the beginning, which can help them grow to feel more confident in their identity. Birth parents are able to stay connected to their child and be a part of their lives in ways that are meaningful to them. As adoptive parents, we will strive to be gracious, honest and offer a welcoming heart to our child’s birth parents. We are committed to keeping our hearts and minds open as we grow in this new experience with our child’s birth family. Thank you for reading about us. Wishing you all the best!

Garret and Elisabeth

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