Errol and Lisa


Hi! We’re Errol and Lisa.

We’re chiropractors who live in Washington state. We make each other laugh with dumb jokes, and can often be found cuddling our two cats, or spending time with our friends and family. Everyone in our circle knows that they’re always welcome at our house, be it for drinks, a barbecue, or to stay over for a night…or a few weeks. We love sharing our time and space with those we love.

Lisa is originally from Maine and her New England upbringing made her a very honest, straightforward person. She’s sweet, caring and has a quirky sense of humor. She is intrigued by language and playing with words, so she enjoys reading fiction and poetry. Harry Potter, historical romance and EE Cummings are a few favorites. She loves puns and quotes from Family Guy, Seinfeld and Friends.

Errol is from the San Francisco Bay Area and sometimes drives as if he’s still there! He loves to find complex recipes that result in AMAZING food like his carnitas, pan-fried to crunchy perfection. He is committed to his family in a way that Lisa has always admired. Since being together, Lisa has happily joined in this commitment and we find ourselves regularly doing things to support our families. Driving an elderly aunt and uncle to Nevada when they could not drive themselves, opening our home to Lisa’s mom during a transitional point in her life, and helping Errol’s dad understand how Gmail works are some of the ways we show our love.

For us, family is not only formed by blood. We have many friends who we consider family and would do anything we could to support them. Our friends know they can always count on us. We hope our child’s birth family will be open to joining our circle of family.

Respect for everyone, acting with integrity, and keeping a compassionate heart are values that we try to live every day. We enact them in our work as doctors and hope to teach them in our words and actions to our child. We want to raise a child we are excited to know as an adult.

Our home was purchased with a child in mind. We live on a 3-acre field in the peaceful Puyallup Valley where we hope our child will love running and playing and inventing games. We have extra room so that friends and family can visit and have created a community with our neighbors. The life we lead is wonderful; growing our family through adoption will only make it more so.

If it feels right, we hope to embark on this journey of open adoption together!

– Errol & Lisa

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